Best Places to Travel in July

"Whether you relish the thought of the exotic heat of Indochina, the quiet countryside of Poland, or the excitement of horse races in Tuscany, there’s something for everyone in this guide from our Travel Experts."

May 2017 • Jules Verne

Best Places to Travel in July

The summer holidays beckon and many people will be rushing to book their travel for the busy summer months. For those of you who haven’t quite decided where you want to travel to, we have created this guide to our favourite destinations for July. Whether you relish the thought of the exotic heat of Indochina, the quiet countryside of Poland, or the excitement of horse races in Tuscany, there’s something for everyone in this guide from our Travel Experts.


Rolling hills, striped with fertile vineyards, bathed in syrupy golden sun. Rugged coastlines, hiding secret beaches and coves. Colourful townhouses cluttered onto steep cliffs. Serene hilltop towns, surrounded by verdant vistas as far as the eye can see. Busy cities with some of the most preeminent architectural landmarks in the world secreted around every corner. Tuscany really does have it all; it is easy to see why this quintessentially Italian destination is so popular with discerning travellers.  

Tuscany is buzzing with life in July as it heads into the busy summer season, meaning all the shops are open and many museums and other attractions are showing specially curated exhibitions. Of course, the major draw for many is that the Palio di Siena, the most famous bareback horse race in the world, takes place in early July (as well as mid-August) and if you’re travelling in the area this is an experience not to be missed.


As summer slowly slips into Russia, the country begins to open up to travellers more and more. The warmer weather leaves Russia’s quiet rivers, lakes and canals longing to be explored. Whether you choose a tour that allows you to wind along the waterways, or a highspeed train that speeds you past the spectacular views framed by your carriage window, journeying across Russia at this time of year is more rewarding than you can imagine.

July also sees the culmination of the White Nights festival in St Petersburg, which runs from May to July every year. Carnivals take place around the city, and there are awe-inspiring performances of ballet, opera and music. Some of the music concerts take place in the Palace square, where stars from around the world come to perform in this unique setting.


Indochina is an amazing area covering several countries, a variety of microclimates, and a whole host of fascinating cultures. The sheer scope makes it a wonderful destination at any time of year, however there are certain delights that are only offered in July. 
Those lucky enough to be visiting the coastal regions might be able to spot nesting turtles. By contrast, in Bali visitors should look to the sky in July as the Kite Festival fills the skies with kites of all shapes, sizes and colours, as well as traditional Gamelan music which fills the air.


In the summertime the verdant mountains of the Azores, a unique Portuguese archipelago off the coast of Africa, glitter in the turquoise ocean. At a comfortable 23 degrees average temperature, many will wish to be outdoors enjoying the pristine beaches or sitting outside a café sipping a cool drink. Summer wildflowers fill the countryside and the flora and fauna of the islands come into full view.

Those who opt to take a whale watching excursion are in for a treat, as in July there is an amazing variety of animals you may catch a glimpse of. As well as the common, bottle nose and Risso’s dolphins that live in the waters year-round, you may also be lucky enough to see sei, pilot, and sperm whales, and even striped and spotted dolphins.


Summer in Poland is an experience not to be missed; the sunny weather brings everyone outdoors in the cities, with the main squares bustling with people eating and drinking under the shade of big umbrellas. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a chilled glass of wine while taking in the atmosphere. July brings a lot of music; a summer jazz festival and festival of folk music take place in Krakow. Meanwhile in Warsaw, the summer solstice festival of Wianki brings music and performances to the streets of the capital.

For those looking for a quieter holiday, outside the city Poland is home to some spectacular landscapes. Although some, like the salt mines, are likely to be busier, others will be all but abandoned, leaving you to enjoy the mountains, lakes and valleys for yourself. The UNESCO World Heritage site of the primeval Białowieża Forest has unrivalled bird watching opportunities, and luckier twitchers might stand the chance of seeing rare white-tailed and spotted eagles. You can also see bison, elk, and beavers in the wild.

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