Tour Saudia Arabia

Venture off-the-beaten track with a Jules Verne tour in the beautiful ancient nation of Saudi Arabia. Situated in Southwestern Asia, this oft-forgotten country offers intrepid travellers the opportunity to explore its unique history, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating cultures.

One for the intrepid traveller; tours to Saudia Arabia offer a land shrouded in mystery, steeped in ancient traditions, yet one where a cultural shift and reforms are underway, including an easy to use on-line eVisa making it a country much easier to visit.

On this Saudia Arabia tour discover incredible and remote heritage sites such as on old caravan routes, spectacular pre-historic rock art ranging from the 3rd millennium BC through the post-Classical period and Lawrence’s Arabian Deserts. Visit Al Ula, capital of the ancient kingdoms of Dadan and Lihyan, southernmost point of Roman presence in Arabia. Explore incredible Hegra, southern capital of the Nabatean Kingdom, second only to Petra, Ottoman desert castles and Lawrence’s Deserts.


Weather & Climate

Saudia Arabia has an arid desert climate with average highs of 43°C in the summer, and 20°C in the winter months. It’s cooler in the mountains, and the south of the country even experiences the effects of the Indian Ocean monsoon.

When to go 

Temperatures are best between October to March, with the weather coldest between November and February.