Tour Bolivia

Landlocked between Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, Bolivia is one of the highest and most remote countries on earth with La Paz, the governmental capital, being the highest capital in the world.

Visitors to Bolivia will discover an impressive array of colourful markets, art galleries and fascinating museums - this is a country with more indigenous peoples than any other in the Americas, which results in a diverse blend of multi-ethnic cultural experiences. As you journey through the country, you will soon realise there is much of interest in this ‘Tibet of the Americas’, where Nature has indelibly left its mark. The dramatic lunar-esque geological formations of the Valley of the Moon, the jagged soaring peaks of the Andes and the eerie salt flats of Uyuni stretching as far as the eye can see make for an unforgettable experience.


Weather & Climate

Bolivia has a temperate climate but temperatures can differ dramatically between day and night.

When to go

Winter is perhaps the best time to visit (May-October), especially in the hot and humid lowlands, as it is cooler and drier. In the highlands, it rains much less, remains sunny through the day but gets noticeably colder at night.