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Zambia lies on the high plateau of Central Africa. Sharing the Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe and home to a huge variety of flora and fauna, this is a perfect port of call for all nature, adventure and outdoor enthusiasts. There is so much to discover here. You can expect vast open spaces, spectacular sunsets, an abundance of wildlife and remote wilderness the size of Wales!

A tour of Zambia will open your eyes to a wide range of habitats and the life they support, especially in one of the many fantastic safari trails and in the parks. The most famous is in South Luangwa, best known for its breathtaking scenery and density of animals. Venture further south and you’ll encounter the Lower Zambezi National Park, a haven for elephant, hippo and birds.

Zambia’s water worlds are also a pleasant surprise, especially for a landlocked country. The three great rivers of the land – the Kafue, the Luangwa and the Zambezi – have shaped both the terrain and the lives of its people for centuries. There are also seventeen serene and powerful waterfalls to look out on your journey though the country.


Weather & Climate

There are three seasons: the cool, dry winter season from May to September; the hot, dry season in October and November; and the rainy season, which is even hotter, from December to April.

When to go

Although Zambia lies in the tropics, the height of the plateau ensures that the climate is seldom unpleasantly hot, so a nice place to visit most times of the year.


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A Collection of Sunday Safaris

Here in the Luangwa, it’s much the same as ever: the birds are singing, the baboons are barking and the hippos are grunting.

May 2020 • Nkwali Camp
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