Armenia is a land with a mystical air, rich in colourful history interwoven with legends from Noah’s Ark to Marco Polo’s Silk Road. Tour this enchanted land with us to discover astounding natural beauty, ancient monuments and a rapidly modernising capital.

On arriving in Armenia, you’ll be amazed by the country’s beautiful, varied landscapes. From dramatic, snow-capped mountains, deep river canyons and verdant forests to fertile plains, alpine meadows, and white sand beaches, this country is the perfect destination for nature-lovers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Points of interest vary from region to region but the most attractive and inspiring sites include Hellenistic temples where you can enjoy Armenian choral music, rock-carved, candle-lit churches, ancient cave dwellings, walled forts and secluded monasteries. Visitors could also stroll through the busy, popular cities, journey down the charming streets of rustic towns or relax on the sun-drenched steps of a hilltop chapel. Also, many travellers are moved at the sight of biblical Mount Ararat, where legend says the Noah’s Ark landed after the Great Flood.



Weather & Climate

During the summer, days can be hot and dry with temperatures falling sharply at night. Winters are extremely cold with heavy snow.  

When to go

May to June and September to October are good times to visit the country, as the weather is warm but mild.