Cruise through Germany

Germany is a great nation with a rich history and distinctive culture. Let us take you on a journey down one of its wonderful waterways, the Rhine, where you can sample just some of this country’s exceedingly varied and beautiful landscape.

The Rhine is the perfect vantage point from which to take in scenic landscapes and acquiring a taste for the country. For a long time, the Rhine was the border between the Roman Empire and the German Barbarian tribes to the east. This led to many settlements establishing themselves along the riverbank. So you can enjoy the ruined castles of past populations and quaint riverside towns that thrive there today.

A cruise also gives visitors the opportunity to explore multiple places at an easy pace. In Cologne you’ll find an interesting Jewish Quarter and the Romanesque Great St. Martin Church; in Rüdesheim, treat all your senses, first with wine-tasting and then a trip to the Museum of Mechanical Music; and in Düsseldorf there is much to see on a guided tour.

This is the ideal excursion for laid-back travellers but curious tourists will also find there is much to see and do in this pleasant part of the world.



Weather & Climate

Germany is a temperate country with warm summers and cold winters.

When to go

As with most European countries, Germany is a year-round destination.


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