Germany Tours

The Essence of Germany 

From multi-coloured medieval towns to multi-cultural modern cities, from picturesque riverbanks to progressive Berlin, past and present are juxtaposed in Germany, as are castles and vineyards, churches and galleries, concerts and cabarets. 

Why Choose a Tour in Germany?

With so many cities and special places hemming Germany’s rivers, a cruise is the ideal way to explore the varying character, culture and crafts of the regions, sailing through fabulous scenery on journeys to lonely castles, lively cities, fairytale towns, and fabled sites.

The country’s creative capital, Berlin is littered with landmarks of life-changing events, forming a ‘history in brief’; inspiring memorials are intertwined with modern metropolitan life; and the buzzing city blends art and music with theatres and museums, elegant avenues, and sky-piercing towers.

Known as the crossroads of Europe since the Middle Ages, Cologne displays its heritage with Roman relics, medieval churches, avant-garde design, and the alleys of its Old Town. Today, the convivial city is famed for its kölsch beer, carnival, and huge, high-Gothic cathedral on the Rhine riverbank.

Frankfurt is where kings were elected, and Holy Roman Emperors crowned; the historic city hemming the Main River’s banks with a blend of striking modern architecture and characterful old quarter.

Koblenz marks the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers with its ‘German Corner’ promontory; the town’s little lanes oozing charm, its landmarks including the ‘Four Towers’ and the Basilica. Mainz is the meeting point of the Rhine and Main, with traditional taverns and baroque churches in its Altstadt, medieval streets at its heart, and the multi-turreted cathedral as its soul. And between the two is the splendidly scenic Rhine Valley, steeped in legends of the water-nymph siren, Lorelei. 

Sprinkled along the Main and its tributaries are Nuremberg, the famously hospitable Franconian capital; the monasteries of beguiling Bamberg, known as one of Germany’s best-preserved medieval towns; Würzburg’s blend of old-town elegance and impressive fortress; and the enchanting old-world streets of Wertheim, nestled beneath the castle ruins.

The Neckar drifts to captivating Heidelberg, famed for its literary heritage. On the meandering Moselle are Cochem’s castle crowning a conical hill, and Germany’s oldest city, Trier, with well-preserved Roman monuments. The Saar runs through spellbinding Saarburg, its tightly packed houses forming a colourful hillside collage. And the Elbe floats to Dresden and Meissen, crossing the North German Plain for Torgau’s riverbank castle and historic Wittenberg.

Several of Jules Verne’s tours in Germany are interwoven with visits to France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, and/or the Netherlands; and feature festive cruises to the Christmas Markets

When to go on Germany Holidays

As you would expect, Germany’s climate varies between seasons and regions, but in general it is moderate; cold and cloudy in winter, often dropping below freezing, and with snowfall from December to mid-April; warm in summer, sometimes with mini heatwaves between late June and August; and cool but usually comfortable in Autumn. May to September are the sunniest months, and rain is not abundant but fairly frequent, spread throughout the year.  

Who are Germany Tours Suited To?

With its beautiful medieval towns, busy metropolitan cities, regional customs, cultures and crafts, and ravishing riverbank scenery, Germany wears its history and heritage on its sleeve, and seamlessly blends it with contemporary life. Jules Verne’s journeys here are in sociably small groups, where singles, couples, families and friends cruise the waterways in cosseted comfort, with like-minded travellers, to experience the character of myriad ports of call.   

Why Book Germany Tours with Jules Verne?

With 45 years’ experience and a passion for creating extraordinary adventures, Jules Verne takes you to iconic landmarks and lesser-known sites, with expert tour guides who share their local knowledge, and show you hidden gems. On our various journeys in Germany, we explore many UNESCO listed sites and cities; include tastings of Frankfurt’s famous apple wine, speciality ‘dampfnudels’ in Nuremberg, and the Reisling wine of Rüdesheim vineyards; and enjoy demonstrations of local crafts, and ‘browse & buy’ visits to craft markets.

Our guided tours to Germany are ABTA and ATOL protected, and we offer a 100% price guarantee, so you can book with complete confidence.



Heidelberg, Germany

Tributaries of the Rhine

Cruising the rivers and crossing the borders of France, Germany and Luxembourg, this is a fabulous tour on five waterways, the Rhine, Neckar, Main, Moselle and Saar; sailing through serene landscapes, seeing splendid towns and cities, and sampling local wines

More 8 nights from £2325

Cruise through Christmas on the Rhine 

A fabulously festive, four days away, this mini break offers maximum comfort and cossetting service, to sail through a stress-free Christmas. Go with the flow of the Rhine to explore splendid Strasbourg, beguiling Rüdesheim, and historic Mainz

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