Explore Luxembourg

Nestled between France, Germany and Belgium, and stretching just 82km and 57km at its longest and widest points, Luxembourg is the fourth-smallest country in Europe and is full of culture and history, reflected both the architecture and cuisine.

Despite its size, Luxembourg has both city life and rural idyll covered. The capital, Luxembourg City, is UNESCO listed and the Old Town is known for its cobbled streets and elegant squares, whereas the Kirchberg district is where the modern offers and entertainment areas are found. Head outside of the city to discover the craggy, forested hills and myriads streams which make up Luxembourg’s two large natural parks; Upper Sûre and the Our.

The medieval town of Vianden in the northeast is where you can visit the hilltop castle, and Echternach, which was founded in the 7th century, is the oldest city in the country. And for those wanting to try the local tipple, the Moselle valley has its own micro-climate which has resulted in the rise of one of Europe’s smallest wine-growing districts.



Heidelberg, Germany

Tributaries of the Rhine

Cruising the rivers and crossing the borders of France, Germany and Luxembourg, this is a fabulous tour on five waterways, the Rhine, Neckar, Main, Moselle and Saar; sailing through serene landscapes, seeing splendid towns and cities, and sampling local wines

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