Discover Serbia

Serbia became an independent country in the summer of 2006 when Montenegro voted for its own independence, the final split in the dissolution of former Yugoslavia. This is one of Europe’s most fascinating countries to visit, with an early history to match its tumultuous recent history.

Its compact size allows tourists easy access to both the urban delights of Belgrade, the capital, and the gentler pace of the beautiful countryside, idyllic villages and national parks. Despite its embrace of modern culture, Serbia has managed to retain its traditional roots, which you can see in Novi Sad’s wonderful Gothic and Baroque architecture, in Nis with its old cobbled streets and Bohemian character, and in Belgrade itself where the old fortress echoes its past.


Weather & Climate

Serbia has a mild continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. The north of Serbia and the upland regions have a continental climate, with the typical cold winters and hot summers.

When to go

The summer months of June to August offer a lovely hot climate and little rain.