Escorted Tours in Europe

The heart of artistic expression. Revolution, industrialisation, war and peace. Europe is much more than a mountain range here, sweeping valleys there and a collection of typical tourist attractions. This may be just one continent, but the history of the world can be found here.

Where to visit on your escorted tour in Europe?

As Europe is so vast, there is so much to explore when you travel with Jules Verne. One of our escorted tours in Europe could take you back to Renaissance France, home to some of the greatest creative minds of all time. Why not experience a barge cruise from Nevers to Briare through the French countryside, opt for a 7-day wine and vine tour around Bordeaux or choose a river journey from Paris to the coast of Normandy?

We might stroll through architecture-rich Italy, with its exquisite examples of Classical, Medieval and Baroque buildings, as well as well-preserved ruins. Whether you’d prefer to visit Venice and cruise the lagoon, discover Italy’s three greatest cities by train or uncover the treasures and secrets of Sicily, there is something for everyone when travelling with us.

Venturing further east into less-visited lands, you’ll discover the beautiful Balkans. The history of Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania stretches back through the ages, with every invasion and occupation, from the Romans to the Ottoman Empire.

Travel further east still and you will arrive at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, where you’ll witness dramatic changes in cultures, climates, customs and people. Whether we travel by waterway or on foot through cobbled streets, and whichever of our accommodating hotels we rest our heads in, you’ll be sure to soak up the many stories this vast continent has to tell.

Where should you go on your escorted tour to Europe?

While there may be many ‘best’ times to visit Europe, when to book your escorted tour in Europe really depends on where you are travelling to and which tour you are hoping to do. If you’re heading to Iceland, for example, the Northern Lights are best seen between November and February, while spring and autumn months are perfect times to visit destinations such as Turkey.

Why should you choose an escorted tour in Europe with Jules Verne?

Whether you’d love to experience Sicily, explore Turkey or see everything Croatia has to offer, our escorted tours in Europe have been carefully planned to ensure that you have an unforgettable trip.

If you’ve been wanting to plan that holiday of a lifetime for a while now, can’t wait to get away with friends, or want to set off on a memorable trip with a loved one, our tours are ideal for all travellers. Allow our expert tour guides to lead the way while you relax alongside a group of like-minded individuals.

Why not secure your escorted tour in Europe today with Jules Verne?

City Of Berat, Albania


What makes Albania so seductive is its relative remoteness and recent isolation from the rest of the region. While the coastal areas are attractively familiar, a Jules Verne escorted tour will also open your eyes to the riches further inland.

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Khor Virap Medieval Monastery In The Kotayk Province,  Armenia


Armenia is a land with a mystical air, rich in history interwoven with legends from Noah’s Ark to Marco Polo’s Silk Road. Tour this enchanted land with us to discover astounding natural beauty, ancient monuments and a rapidly modernising capital.

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Melk Abbey, Monastery, Austria


With majestic cities, Tirolean villages, breath-taking scenery, and the musical repertoires of Mozart and Strauss, Austria is enthralling and entertaining, in equal measure, giving every visitor plenty to explore and enjoy on a small group tour.

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Venetian Fortress Castello In Montenegro, Balkans


The Balkans are a wonderful choice of holiday destination, particularly for those with an interest in the rich culture, history and politics of this region. However, the natural beauty of the Balkans is equally likely to delight and enthral visitors.

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Toompea Hill With Tower, Pikk Hermann And Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn, Estonia

Baltic States

Nestled around the Baltic Sea in the north of Europe, the Baltic States are made up of three countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – each of which is filled with culture, history and stunning scenery. making the perfect destination for an escorted tour.

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Pirin Mountain and Lake, Bansko, Bulgaria


When visiting Bulgaria, visitors could stick to the busy Black Sea coast. Or they could make the journey inland and enjoy an adventure through the ages, taking in the countless reminders of Bulgaria’s rich history and absorbing rich folklore traditions.

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Aerial View Through Stone Window, Split Bay, Croatia


Crescent-shaped Croatia is littered with small islands, each offering something special. In addition, the mainland offers rich Mediterranean beauty and unique attractions. On any one of our Croatia tours, you’ll discover so much of this mesmerising location.

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Kyrenia Bay, Northern Cyprus


Cyprus boasts picturesque villages, the stunning Troödos Mountains with UNESCO heritage Byzantine churches, ancient Curium with its Greek theatre and the museums and palace of the capital, Nicosia, as well as its well-known resorts and beautiful coastline.

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Shutterstock Panorama Panoramic Scenic View Landscape Old City Town Tallinn In Estonia 274084259


Estonia, though small in stature, is great in history. It is a unique country, with a culture that could never be emulated anywhere else. It has to be experienced in person to be understood and appreciated. Discover wondrous Estonia with a small group tour.

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Helsinki Cathedral, Finland


Much of Finland remains an understated, rural idyll – the perfect setting for soul searchers. It is a treasure chest of villages, churches and castles; rivers, lakes and forests. Helsinki, on the other hand, is a lively capital city offering a wealth of culture to explore.

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Arles, Provence, France


Against a backdrop of varied and beautiful landscapes, the reasons for embarking on one of our tours to France are manifold, with exquisite cuisine, coveted vineyards and sleepy villages, chic cities, ancient houses and modern museums.

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View Of The Ushguli Village At The Foot Of Mt Shkhara, Georgia


Marvel at Georgia’s diversity brought about by numerous invasions, including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Ottoman and Russian on a tour of this welcoming and wild nation with a rich, colourful history and undiscovered wonders.

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Frankfurt Old Town, Germany


Germany is a great nation with a rich history and distinctive culture. Let us take you on a journey down one of its wonderful waterways, the Rhine, where you can sample some of this country’s exceedingly varied and beautiful landscape.

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Acropolis Of Athens, Greece


For such a small country, Greece has a lot to offer. Explore the birthplace of democracy and the foundations of life as we know it on one of our Greece tours, where crystal-clear waters, golden sands, ancient cities and historical sights await.

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Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary


The jewel in Hungary’s crown is its capital, Budapest, built strategically around the Danube and split into two distinct areas: the castle area of Buda and more diverse Pest. Explore this city and the surrounding areas with us and discover Hungary’s treasures.

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Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall, Iceland


Iceland may conjure up visions of glittering white landscapes but it is actually a country of many colours. Expect to marvel at cobalt blue and jade green icebergs, volcanic ash beaches, black lava, red sulphur and green valleys.

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Traditional Gondola On Famous Canal Grande With Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute In Golden Evening Light At Sunset In Venice Italy


From gladiatorial amphitheatres to gargantuan lakes, serene landscapes to cosmopolitan cities. Italy is the epitome of la dolce vita, and you can experience a slice of this endless pleasure and luxury on one of our escorted tours of Italy.

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Manastiri I Gracanices, Kosovo


The tiny landlocked country of Kosovo is a land of contradictions. Discover the gently swaying poppy fields and dark oak forests of the countryside, seemingly at odds with the trendy cafes in the up-and-coming cities of Pristina and Peja.

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Aerial View Of Riga Center From St Peters Church, Riga, Latvia


Exploring Latvia, you’ll discover a land of divided languages and cultures. Tucked between Estonia and Lithuania, discover the green Gauja Valley, the domed cathedrals of small towns and introduce you to the lively capital, Riga.

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Trakai Castle, Traku Pilis, Lithuania


Lithuania is renowned for its Baroque architecture, adorned with dense forests and glittering lakes, and is home to Vilnius, whose Old Town is Europe’s largest. Lithuania holidays with Jules Verne open visitors’ eyes to cultural gems unseen by many.

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Panoramic View Of Biogradsko, Lake Biogradska Lake, Montenegro


Whilst primarily known for its idyllic beaches, the small and independent country of Montenegro has far more to offer visitors. Fortified towns line the coast and five national parks protect its abundant and largely unspoiled natural beauty.

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Traditional House Ohrid North Macedonia Istock 1310971280

North Macedonia

The beauty of North Macedonia cannot be understated to those considering visiting this tiny corner of the Balkans. The landscape is dominated by mountains, lakes and ancient towns brimming with eclectic Ottoman and European architecture.

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Nothern Lights Aurora Borealis, Tromso, Norway


A visit to Norway is like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. With spellbinding Northern Lights, Christmas card landscapes and active volcanoes forming a backdrop for tiny fishing villages, traditional farms and busy ports.

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Wawel Cathedral And Wawel Castle On The Wawel Hill, Krakow, Poland


The beautiful country of Poland has been rebuilt to see and appreciate its origins and history. Poland should be higher on peoples list of countries to visit as dismissing its culturally-rich and historically-significant towns and cities would be a mistake.

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Village In Nordeste, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal


When choosing your Portugal tour, you’re presented with the enviable task of deciding whether you stay on the mainland, with its rich culture, history; opt for a slice of paradise with a tour of Madeira, the island of eternal spring; or island hop on the exotic Azores.

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Peleș Castle, Sinaia, Romania


Fine architecture, famous painted monasteries and an epic mountain range are just three reasons to visit Romania. Its monuments, fairy-tale castles and even Dracula’s lair trace the centuries and make up the rich tapestry that is its unique story.

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Loch Glenfinnan, Scotland


Across millennia, the Scots remain fiercely proud of a landscape where high mountains meet deep lochs and islands rise above dramatic seas. Scotland is a land filled with historic ruins and restored castles, art galleries and fascinating museums.

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Belgrade Fortress And Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade, Serbia


Serbia is a fascinating country to visit, with an early history to match its tumultuous recent times. Its size allows easy access to the urban delights of Belgrade, and the gentler pace of the beautiful countryside, idyllic villages and national parks.

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Ragusa Unesco Heritage Town, Sicily, Italy


Seducing travellers for centuries, the enchanting island of Sicily has a wealth of sights waiting to be explored. On our Sicily escorted tours, take in its breathtaking natural and cultural highlights, discover its secret treasures, and enjoy fresh local cuisine.

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Castle Of Bratislava On The Right Bank Of Danube River, Slovakia


Slovakia is a country land-locked but dotted with lakes and natural springs, this entrancing country has held on to its folklore traditions, which add further wonder to its many fairy-tale castles, dramatic fortresses and ancient ruins.

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