The heart of artistic expression. Revolution, industrialisation, war and peace. Europe is much more than a mountain range here, sweeping valleys there and a collection of typical tourist attractions. This may be just one continent, but the history of the world can be found here.

Where to visit on your escorted tour in Europe?

As Europe is so vast, there is so much to explore when you travel with Jules Verne. One of our escorted tours in Europe could take you back to Renaissance France, home to some of the greatest creative minds of all time. Why not experience a barge cruise from Nevers to Briare through the French countryside, opt for a 7-day wine and vine tour around Bordeaux or choose a river journey from Paris to the coast of Normandy?

We might stroll through architecture-rich Italy, with its exquisite examples of Classical, Medieval and Baroque buildings, as well as well-preserved ruins. Whether you’d prefer to visit Venice and cruise the lagoon, discover Italy’s three greatest cities by train or uncover the treasures and secrets of Sicily, there is something for everyone when travelling with us.

Venturing further east into less-visited lands, you’ll discover the beautiful Balkans. The history of Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania stretches back through the ages, with every invasion and occupation, from the Romans to the Ottoman Empire.

Travel further east still and you will arrive at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, where you’ll witness dramatic changes in cultures, climates, customs and people. Whether we travel by waterway or on foot through cobbled streets, and whichever of our accommodating hotels we rest our heads in, you’ll be sure to soak up the many stories this vast continent has to tell.

Where should you go on your escorted tour in Europe?

While there may be many ‘best’ times to visit Europe, when to book your escorted tour in Europe really depends on where you are travelling to and which tour you are hoping to do. If you’re heading to Iceland, for example, the Northern Lights are best seen between November and February, while spring and autumn months are perfect times to visit destinations such as Turkey.

Why should you choose an escorted tour in Europe with Jules Verne?

Whether you’d love to experience Sicily, explore Turkey or see everything Croatia has to offer, our escorted tours in Europe have been carefully planned to ensure that you have an unforgettable trip.

If you’ve been wanting to plan that holiday of a lifetime for a while now, can’t wait to get away with friends, or want to set off on a memorable trip with a loved one, our tours are ideal for all travellers. Allow our expert tour guides to lead the way while you relax alongside a group of like-minded individuals.

Why not secure your escorted tour in Europe today with Jules Verne?

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