The Balkans are a wonderful choice of holiday destination, particularly for those with an interest in the rich culture, history and politics of this region. However, the natural beauty of the Balkans is equally likely to delight and enthral visitors.

The Balkans make up an eclectic mix of countries in the South East of Europe including such disparate states as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia. This mix of countries, languages, cultures and cuisines makes it an awe-inspiring area for a guided tour. You can cover a whole host of captivating experiences within your stay.

The history of the region stretches back into antiquity, and there are many fascinating historical sites that date back to many of the intervening centuries. History buffs have a lot to explore: from UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Roman era Gamzigrad in Serbia, to picturesque medieval church of St. John at Kaneo on the shores of the Ohrid Lake in Macedonia.

The stunning landscapes that proliferate around these historical sites also long to be explored. The Balkans are an area of stark contrasts, from craggy mountains to serene lakes and from pristine beaches to unexplored forests.


Weather & Climate

The Balkans climate is hugely dependent on which country you are in.

When to go

Most visitors enjoy the warmer months of spring to autumn.



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