Tour Morocco

Morocco: a chaotic and colourful, mysterious and mythical land shaped by many nations. The heady combination of Arabic tradition, French influence and African assimilation whisks travellers away on a magic carpet ride of a tour.

Morocco will open your eyes to a world of history, a rich culture and a magnificent rural and urban landscape. Perhaps take a walk through the ages and learn of the heroic exploits of the enterprising 11th-century Moroccan leader, Youssef ben Tachfine. Or maybe discover the medieval city of Fez, relatively unchanged since its founding 1000 years ago. This is home to mystical medinas, quirky and narrow streets and original gates and forts.

In Marrakech, visitors discover colourful markets with a buzzing atmosphere and the delicious scent of sweet and spicy culinary delights. Here, you will also uncover many enchanting gardens, souks and palaces.

Tangier, Rabat and the coastal town of Casablanca are gems in the Moroccan treasure chest revealing vast medinas, fine gateways, battlements, trees and flowers, and a great port, respectively. The landscape is much more than dry desert and colourful canopies.

Let us take you to the highest heights of the great Atlas mountain range, across mineral-rich soils and into the great expanse of the Sahara.



Weather & Climate

Morocco’s climate is very diverse, varying with the season and region. In general the country has a tropical climate, with temperatures reaching as high as 35°C and as low as 5°C in the Sahara.

When to go

Owing to the relatively high winter temperatures, and summers that are dry rather than unbearably humid, Morocco is an all-year round destination.