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Venture to Bulgaria

When visiting Bulgaria, visitors could stick to the busy Black Sea coast. Or they could make the journey inland and enjoy an adventure through the ages, taking in the countless reminders of Bulgaria’s rich history and absorbing rich folklore traditions.

Venture into the heart of this ancient land and you’ll discover a rewarding array of monuments, monasteries and museums nestled in historic villages and towns. Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, is a history lover’s almanac, and vaunts a turbulent past together with many vestiges of bygone times. The town of Plovdiv is home to Bulgaria’s largest surviving Roman construction, the Roman theatre in the Old Town, built in the 2nd century AD but only discovered 40 years ago due to a landslide. Archaeologists continue to unearth remarkable examples of this fascinating civilisation. What will you unearth in your exploration of this ancient country?

Surrounding these cultural gems is a diverse landscape ranging from the snow-covered peaks of the Rila Mountains to the lush river valleys and surrounding hills of the Danubian plain. This fertile land and pleasing climate combine to create the perfect conditions for growing roses, their familiar sweet oil being used in perfume all over the world.


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Weather & Climate

The climate in Bulgaria varies according to altitude. Summers are warmest with some rainfall, with the south feeling the influence of the Mediterranean.

When to go

The best months to visit are mid-June to September when the days are long and sunny.

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