Unearth Namibia

Elephants and lions patrol Etosha, Namibia's greatest national park, but tour this beautiful land and you’ll discover so much more – magnificent sand dunes, raw scrub desert, surprising German architecture and the thrillingly named Skeleton Coast.

This may be Africa's youngest independent country but it can more than hold its own in terms of attractions and adventure. A tour of this incredible nation will reveal the stunning sand dunes of Sossusvlei, endless open landscapes, thriving vineyards and warm, rugged granite peaks. So much of the scenery is taken to its natural extreme. The Namib is the world’s oldest and most captivating desert; the Kalahari is vast and dotted with golden grass and red dunes; and Fish River Canyon is second only to the Grand Canyon in size. Even the wildlife is impressive – you’ll find a significant cheetah population and we could all quite easily lose ourselves for hours in the presence of the animals of Etosha National Park.