Namibia Tours

Elephants and lions patrol Namibia's greatest national park, Etosha, but when you tour this beautiful land you’ll discover so much more – magnificent sand dunes, surprising German architecture and the alluring Skeleton Coast.   

What will you get to experience on one of our Namibia holidays?

This may be Africa's youngest independent country, but it can certainly hold its own in terms of attractions and adventure. A tour of this incredible nation will reveal the stunning sand dunes of Sossusvlei, endless open landscapes, thriving vineyards and warm, rugged granite peaks.

So much of the scenery here is taken to its natural extreme. While the Namib is the world’s oldest and most captivating desert, the Kalahari is vast and dotted with golden grass and red dunes. The Fish River Canyon is not be missed either – second only to the Grand Canyon in size, it’s certainly spectacular.

The wildlife here is just as impressive. On one of our trips to Namibia, you could quite easily lose yourself for hours in the presence of the animals of Etosha National Park, including the significant cheetah population. Our Grand Tour of Namibia will take you through this country’s impressive landscapes and give you the chance to see elephants, rhinos, leopards and any other number of the 550 plus species of mammal, reptile, bird and amphibian that live here.  

When is the best time to go on one of our Namibia escorted tours?

Namibia’s climate allows visitors to explore all year round. From May through to October, you can expect the dry season, which is the perfect time to see the wildlife and visit the parks, and in December through to March there may be some humidity and rainfall.  

Why choose Jules Verne for your trip to Namibia?

With over 40 years’ experience in creating magical trips, you can rest assured knowing that your Namibia holiday will be one that you’ll never forget. Whether you’re looking to travel alone, with friends, as a couple or our Namibia tours will introduce you to a land of contrasts and dramatic beauty.

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Weather & Climate

Summer in Namibia is warm in the day with cold nights, while during the winter Namibia is hot and rainy.

When to go

The dry season between May - October is the best time to visit, as the dry weather leads to more wildlife at the watering hole.