North Macedonia Tours

The beauty of North Macedonia cannot be understated to those considering visiting this tiny, often-neglected corner of the Balkans. The landscape is dominated by mountains, lakes and ancient towns brimming with eclectic Ottoman and European architecture.

Highlights of a tour of North Macedonia are many and various. Visiting the Church of St John at Kaneo, an ancient Orthodox church built on a cliff overlooking the still waters of Lake Ohrid, is a photographer’s dream. The unique landscape of the Matka Canyon, home to verdant rock faces and medieval monasteries, is one of the most popular outdoor attractions. While the capital city of Skopje, where old and new are linked by a 15th-century stone bridge, offers endless avenues for exploration.

One of North Macedonia’s hidden delights is the richness of its archaeological digs. The atmospheric town of Ohrid is filled with beautiful churches, and remains one of the oldest human settlements on earth. Detailed archaeological excavations to discover the secrets of the old town are underway. In central North Macedonia the Stobi site is a holy grail for those interested in ancient history, with a myriad of treasures longing to be explored.


Weather & Climate

As a landlocked country, Macedonia has a pronounced continental climate, with very cold winters and hot summers.

When to go

April to October are the best months to visit.