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Arguably the most diverse country in South America, Colombia offers an exciting array of places to visit from the vibrant capital of Bogotá, through the rich, verdant landscapes of the coffee region to the stunning UNESCO-listed walled city of Cartagena and archaeology of San Agustín.

Soaring Andes peaks give way to an unspoiled Caribbean coastline via cobbled colonial communities and its own Amazonian jungle. Having shed its unsavoury image in recent years, it is now safe to travel to areas that were previously off limits. The influence of earlier colonisation is always apparent in the Spanish architecture, and of course the language, yet Colombia has retained an immense variety of its own cultural traditions in the form of distinctive handicrafts, colourful dress, lively music and frequent festivals.

Colombia is also one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. The natural regions of the country are home to practically every type of ecosystem on earth, from tropical rainforest and Andean cloud forest to open savannahs and high-altitude moorland.


Weather & Climate

The climate is very warm and tropical on the coast and in the north, with rainy season from May to November.

When to go

The best time of year to visit is at either of the drier times: December to March or July and August.


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