Visit Uruguay

Situated between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay has been relatively overlooked by tourists, which incidentally adds to its charm. A journey through Uruguay is a journey through time. There is a noticeably slower pace of life and its culture and history can be seen in each of its towns.

The capital, Montevideo, is the cultural heartland of the country, reminiscent of Buenos Aires, and is home to the 22km-long ‘Rambla’, the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. Montevideo is also home to a bustling market in the port, and the Museum of Carnival.  Historic Colonia del Sacramento is among the most delightful colonial towns with cobbled streets and 18th-century Portuguese architecture, and it has been named a World Heritage-listed town.

Despite being small in size, Uruguay is incredibly diverse. The Atlantic coastline features sand dunes, lagoons and impressive surf, as well as opportunities to see sea lions, penguins and whales. Gauchos can be seen travelling across the open pampas and the small fishing villages are places where time has stood still.

Lake Titicaca Uros Floating Islands, Peru

Grand Tour of South America

A tour of five countries, and a journey of a lifetime, this is a grand adventure, from Peru’s Pacific Ocean port, and Machu Picchu ruins, to Brazil’s South Atlantic beaches, via Bolivian Lake Titicaca, the capitals of Uruguay and Argentina, and the fantastic Iguassu Falls

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