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John Torode's Sri Lankan Hoppers

Hoppers in their simplest form are bowl-shaped pancakes made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. Cooked in small round pans, they tend to come out crispy round the edges, thicker at the bottom.

January 2020 • Jules Verne

Ancient Greece of the Olympics - View from the Inside

"Ancient sites in the Peloponnese are positioned nearby the shore, therefore it made perfect sense to travel by boat as they did ‘in the good old days’."

December 2019 • Danielle Smith, Personal Travel Expert

The Rhine - View from the Inside 2019

"We enjoyed a full morning of sailing the romantic Rhine Valley and the Rock of Lorelei."

September 2019 • Esther Galiano, Customer Experience

Papua New Guinea - View from the Inside 2019

"From the birds of paradise to the tribal face paint, Papua New Guinea is by far the most colourful country I’ve ever visited."

September 2019 • Laura Kelly, Head of Commercial

Indian Stuffed Potato Paratha

These Indian Stuffed Potato Parathas are perfect when you want to have delicious classic Indian food, but don't want to make anything too complicated! Each bite is bursting of delicious flavours that you won't be able to forget!

September 2019 • Jules Verne

Prawn & Chicken Pad Thai

Classic flavours of Thailand abound in this fragrant and flavourful dish featuring peanuts, chicken, prawn and noodles. 

September 2019 • Jules Verne

Authentic Tikka

A sumptuous culinary wonder with its roasted chunks of succulent chicken, or veggies, coated in a creamy tangy, luscious spiced sauce.

September 2019 • Jules Verne

Ethiopia - View from the Inside

"Ethiopia for me ended up being everything I wanted it to be."

September 2019 • George Abery, Personal Travel Expert

Morocco - View from the Inside 2019

"We rose early and strolled through the almost-empty streets, visiting Bahia Palace and the Saadian Tombs before the swarms of visitors."

August 2019 • Samantha Roberts, Customer Experience

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August 2019 • Jules Verne

Lok Lak

One of the national dishes of Cambodia; a basic and simple dish, but absolutely full of flavour.

August 2019 • Jules Verne

Khmer Curry

A traditional, deliciously creamy, highly aromatic and fragrant curry.

August 2019 • Jules Verne

Burmese Pork Curry

Wow your dinner guests with this deliciously dark, rich and unusual dish

August 2019 • Jules Verne

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