Which Egypt Tour is for Me?

01 Jan 2024 Jules Verne
Kom Ombo Temple At Sunset On The Nile, Aswan, Egypt SS Misr Steamer Vessel Dendera Nile River, Egypt Cairo, Egypt Lake Nasser And Abu Simbel, Egypt Hot Air Balloon Valley Of The Kings, Egypt

Discover which Egypt tour is for you

From the indomitable Pyramids, the last remaining wonder of the ancient world, to the Temples of Karnak, built across a period of 2,000 years, Egypt is a never-ending treasure trove of history and culture. Our trips have been designed to pull out the very best of the country, from bucket list sites to rarely visited gems sought out by our team of experts. We offer Nile cruises ranging from four to 14 nights, offering something for every traveller – from first-time visitor to Egypt expert – and we recently added new land-based tours to our portfolio. So which tour should you choose?

Best for: First-time visitors

Pyramids & the Nile

If you’ve never been to Egypt and want to pack the classic sites into just over a week, this is a great choice. You’ll enjoy a four-night cruise from Luxor to Aswan on the MS Hamees, book-ended by culture-filled stays in Cairo. Highlights include a visit to the UNESCO-listed Pyramids of Giza, explorations around the ancient temples of Luxor, a sailing on a traditional felucca boat and a visit to the Egyptian Museum (set to become the Grand Egyptian Museum in 2024).

Best for: Seeing it all

The 600-Mile Nile

Moroccan-inspired MS Darakum, our 600-Mile Nile cruise meanders from Aswan to Cairo across 13 days. You’ll take in all the famous sites, from the Valley of the Kings to the rock-cut tombs of Beni Hassan and the Pyramids of Giza, combined with lesser-visited spots. On board there’s plenty to entertain, including a folklore show, a Takht music performance and a Galabeya party with traditional Egyptian attire. We also include a Unique Experience, viewing the Luxor Temple by night with a cocktail at the historic Old Winter Palace hotel (where the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb was announced).

Best for: Second-time visitors

Treasures of the Nile

Perfect for those who’ve already been to Egypt and want to get further off the beaten track, our 10-night Treasures of the Nile cruise on MS Darakum starts in Cairo and ends in Luxor. Standout spots include the desert tombs at Tuna el-Gebel, the rock-cut cliffs of Beni Hassan and the temples of Abydos, with excursions to the Saqqara Necropolis and the 3,000-year-old city of Memphis also included. Guests are also treated to our Luxor Temple by Night Unique Experience.

Best for: Slow travellers

Secret Nile

Our longest cruise on the Nile is ideal for returning visitors with time on their hands, who want to explore across a full two weeks. Sailing from Cairo to Aswan, the emphasis is on lesser-visited sites; the first 10 nights overlap with The Treasures of the Nile, while the final four days explore the West Bank, home to several little-known temples. On board there’s Egyptian wine tasting, cooking classes, a Galabeya party and our Luxor Temple by Night Unique Experience is also included for an evening to remember.

Best for: History-lovers

A Royal Steamer Restored

It’s all about the journey on this memorable seven-night voyage, which sails round-trip from Luxor on SS Misr – an elaborate steamer built by the Royal Navy in 1918 and later converted into a luxury vessel for Egypt’s last monarch, King Farouk. The ship is home to just 24 cabins, so it’s intimate and personalised, with décor befitting of its royal heritage and original steam engines you can still view. The itinerary itself also ticks off a good number of sites, from the Valley of the Kings to the Karnak Temples, Kom Ombo and Aswan’s islands, so it’s an excellent option if you want to see the highlights in style.

Best for: All-out luxury 

The Original Nile by Royal Steamer

Sailing the entire 600-mile route from Aswan to Cairo, this cruise takes in the full sweep of sites aboard SS Misr. Chartered exclusively for Jules Verne, you can expect an exceptional on board experience, with plenty to discover ashore, from the famous spots to various lesser-visited sites. A number of Unique Experiences are included too – among them, afternoon tea at the historic Old Cataract Hotel (whose past guests have included Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana), lunch at the historic Mena House Hotel in Cairo and a private cocktail reception at the Winter Palace in Luxor. Our most exclusive cruise, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is perfect for travellers with time to take it slow.

Best for: Value

Classic Week on the Nile

Covering a similar route to A Royal Steamer Restored, this weeklong trip is perfect for travellers short on time and offers excellent value for money. You’ll sail on the contemporary ship MS Hamees, taking in the Valley of the Kings, Kom Ombo, Edfu temple, and Aswan, as well as our Unique Experience to Gharb Soheil village.

Best for: Land explorations

Leisurely Luxor 

If you’d prefer to stay on land, opt for our new, eight-day Unpack & Explore itinerary based in Luxor. It’s one of two single-centre tours we offer in Egypt, taking you on guided land excursions around Luxor to see the Valley of the Kings, the Temples of Karnak, and other key sites. Settle into the Pavillon Winter Hotel, a comfortable hotel located in the grounds of the famous Old Winter Palace hotel, or for a truly special experience upgrade to sleep at the palace itself (for an extra supplement). We also include a Unique Experience: a felucca sailing to see the water bathed in gold at sunset.

Best for: An alternative take

Lake Nasser & the Nile

Starting in Cairo, this 10-night trip combines a land stay in the capital with two contrasting cruises: four nights on Lake Nasser, and three nights from Aswan to Luxor on MS Hamees. It’s our only itinerary that visits the temples of Lake Nasser by water, so it’s ideal if you’re after an alternative take on the region. You’ll also explore big hitters including the Pyramids of Giza and the ancient treasures of Luxor, and sail to Abu Simbel to witness a spectacular sound and light show.

Best for: Cairo culture

Gems of Cairo

This four-night land stay is all about Cairo’s cultural lures. From a base in the heart of the city, you’ll embark on full-day tours to the Pyramids, Memphis, and Saqqara, as well as the Egyptian Museum – soon to be the much-anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum. The tour also includes several unique optional excursions and a free day to explore at leisure, making it a great choice if