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What makes Albania so seductive is its relative remoteness and recent isolation from the rest of the region. While the coastal areas are attractively familiar, we will also open your eyes to the riches further inland.

The mountains of Albania conceal Ottoman fortresses, historic villages, monasteries, mosques, tombs cut in the rock side and ancient Illyrian sites so it would be a shame to while away your entire trip on a beach, as scenic as they are.

Unlike so many travel destinations, much of the country remains unspoilt so there is still an array of treasures to explore. It’s not just what you’ll see that will make a tour through Albania special – the language is tantalising with its Greek, Latin, Turkic and Slav influences, as well as its own unique notes.

Travel through this country is dictated by local weather conditions but wherever we take you on this adventure, you’ll find yourself in one of our hand-picked hotels. One thing we promise is that you can be sure to see and visit captivating castles, mountain scenery and some of the best Ottoman architecture examples you’ll find anywhere on Earth.



Weather & Climate

Albania has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters in the lowlands.

When to go

The spring and autumn months are the best times to visit.

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Albania - View from the Inside

"Albania plays host to some amazing attractions, from staggering mountain landscapes and almost forgotten archaeological sites."

January 2015 • Fallon de Souza, Former Sales Consultant
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