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A pearl dropped in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has all the elements that constitute the perfect travel experience: friendly people, natural beauty, a variety of landscapes, sandy beaches, diverse wildlife and a history and culture that comprises no fewer than seven World Heritage sites.

Sri Lanka's history spans millennia and can be discovered at any of its many ancient sites. Perhaps you’ll encounter legendary Buddhist temples displaying beautiful intricate detail, stand speechless in the heart of sacred Anuradhapura, enjoy the marvels of the 5th-century fortress Citadel of Sigiriya or gain quiet perspective in 11th-century Polonnaruwa.

Other remarkable attractions include Dambulla, with its beautifully painted cave temple and Kandy that houses the lakeside Temple of the Tooth, Yala National Park and the ancient Buddhist temple of Buduruwagala.

The island has tremendous variety in terms of flora, fauna and topography, and the lush, rich jungle is its pièce de resistance. The coast is a tropical paradise but if you’re in need of cooler climes, you’ll find the hill country, with its temperate, green charms a welcome relief. For a well-rounded, authentic tour, however, we recommend you embrace and experience all that this environment has to offer.



Weather & Climate

Sri Lanka's climate is tropical and consists of distinct wet and dry seasons.

When to go

The island is certainly a year-round destination as while one area is might be off-limits due to poor weather, the other region is likely to be experiencing good conditions.

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Sri Lanka - View from the Inside

"Herds of ancient giants roam the 47 national parks/wildlife sanctuaries so a safari is a must."

December 2016 • Aurica Tudorache, Personal Travel Expert
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