Asia is one of the most absorbing and exhilarating continents, ranging from the colourful Indian sub-continent in the west, through the countries of Indochina with their tumultuous recent histories, to the vast cultural divide of the Far East. Throughout Asia, visitors can explore beautiful landscapes, soaring mountains, desert plains, hilltop forts, marbled palaces, stunning architecture and an array of temples and pagodas fashioned by a wide diversity of religions.

This is a continent of enticing and enigmatic countries that exert a profound fascination. Inspiring the curious traveller to visit for the first time or to return, whether it is to experience India’s assault on the senses, the riverine serenity of cruising on the Mekong or the Irrawaddy or take on the enervating and bustling cities of China.


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China - View from the Inside

Walking the original cobbled streets of this UNESCO Heritage Site, you could feel like you’ve stepped back in time...

March 2018 • Laura Faulkner, Online Marketing Assistant
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