Discover Peru

It would be wrong to think that Peru is represented solely by the fame of Machu Picchu, although it is the country’s, if not the continent’s, most visited site. The old Inca settlement certainly dominates any travel itinerary in Peru but that neglects the mix of other ancient civilisations and dramatic archaeology that await travellers on a tour across the rest of the country.

In the course of a journey through Peru, the visitor may see the most outstanding monuments of the colonial period in the capital Lima, enjoy wandering Cuzco’s winding cobblestone streets and its 1,000-year history, see the finest ruins as well as the majesty of the Andes, the wildlife of the Ballestas Islands and the mysterious Nazca Lines. Further west lies Puno where on the margins of Lake Titicaca live the unique Uros Indian communities on their man-made reed islands.



Weather & Climate

The weather in Peru varies according to area – the changes in altitude are so extreme that the climate goes from freezing in the mountains to sun on the coast. Likewise, the coast covers such a large stretch of longitude that the temperature changes dramatically as you head further south.

When to go

During June to September, the mountainous areas are often sunny during the day but cold at night. This is high tourist season and the best time to visit most regions.


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