Kosovo Tours

The tiny landlocked country of Kosovo is a land of contradictions. Uncover its unique history as both one of the oldest and youngest nations in the Balkans - its rich past contrasting sharply with its new-found independence. Discover the gently swaying poppy fields and dark oak forests of the countryside, seemingly at odds with the trendy cafes to be explored in the up-and-coming cities of Pristina and Peja. Explore the pleasing juxtaposition of craggy, snowy mountains, with gentle rolling hillside vineyards.

Kosovo tours allow visitors who prefer to venture off the beaten track unprecedented access to the history and culture of this unique country. Wind your way down cobbled streets flanked with Ottoman architecture to visit resplendent Orthodox monuments and medieval monasteries. Many of these heritage sites have been painstakingly restored to their former glory, while the ancient woodlands and mountainsides they are nestled in are protected as National Parks.

Pristina, Kosovo’s capital, offers a window into the complex character of the country. The pale domes and spires of the Imperial Mosque built in the 15th century shine in the summer sun. Saint Nicholas church on the other hand is the last remaining Serbian Orthodox church; its new exterior, restored roof, and gleaming marble tiles hint to the damage it sustained during the unrest of 2004. The impressive treasures housed within the incandescent yellow walls of The Museum of Kosovo, which date back to the prehistoric era, show Kosovo’s pride in its history. While the modern aesthetic of The Library of Kosovo shows the country’s willingness to evolve while still remembering the past.


Weather & Climate

Kosovo has a mild continental climate with cold, snowy winters and warm summers.

When to go

May and September are the best months to visit



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