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The Essence of Argentina

From breathtaking Falls on its northern border, to bone-chilling icefields at its southern tip, via arid desert, Andean peaks and Patagonian pastures, Argentina is as vibrant in its culture as its landscape, and as proud and passionate as its tango.

Why choose a tour in Argentina?

With cities and seascapes, pampas plains, snow-capped mountains, and astonishing glaciers, a tour of Argentina is an enthralling experience.

North to south, the country’s first and fabulous landmark is Iguassu Falls, the world’s largest waterfall system, forming the border with Brazil in an 80m vertical drop over the edge of the Paraná Plateau. “Poor Niagara!” was Eleanor Roosevelt’s reaction to its thunderous run of 275 cascades, crashing through jungle greenery, surging through the spectacular Devil’s Throat chasm, and splashing the subtropical rainforest habitat of jaguars, tapirs, and giant anteaters.

Argentina’s charismatic, cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires is a blend of graceful façades, Spanish churches, Parisian-style townhouses, and ubiquitous ‘milonga’ tango shows; looking elegantly European but feeling unmistakably Latin American. Centred on the stately Plaza de Mayo, its districts include San Telmo’s lantern-lit lanes, arts and crafts in La Boca, and busy bars in up-tempo Palermo.

The city’s surroundings are the vast, fertile plains known as the Argentinian Pampas, growing great quantities of wheat and sunflowers, and famed as the home of ‘gaucho’ cowboys and cattle ranches. 

In the vast expanse of the country’s southern reaches, Patagonia spreads from the Argentinian Atlantic shore to the Chilean Strait of Magellan, encompassing unforgettable towns and topography.

El Calafate, once quaint and quiet, burgeoned as the gateway to the glorious Los Glaciares National Park. Hemming the south shore of Lago Argentino, in a Patagonian pastureland setting, it is the launchpad for exploration of the awe-inspiring Perito Moreno Glacier, known for its spectacular shifts, shapes, cracking sounds, and continuous ice calving.

Named for volcanic eruptions, frequent until recent times, Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) National Park straddles the Argentine-Chilean border with lakes, mountains, and sub-Antarctic forests. Its landscapes form the habitats of foxes, otters and beavers; and condors command the skies above its spectacular shoreline, where penguins and petrels, sealions and albatrosses are seen.

Dubbed ‘The End of the World’, Ushuaia is tucked between the Martial Mountains and the Beagle Channel. A colourful jumble of harbour, houses, winding streets, and an omnipresent sense of adventure, it acts as the last place of comfort before Antarctic exploration, and the departure point for the wild seas and islands of Cape Horn. 

On Jules Verne’s various South American journeys, Argentina is teamed with tours of discovery in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay

When to go on Argentina holidays

At 2,300 miles long, Argentina has hugely varied weather conditions.In the sub-tropical north, around Iguassu Falls, hot summers and warm winters have annual average daytime temperatures around 29°, and thunderstorm downpours throughout the year.The capital and the Pampas enjoy gentler climes, temperatures ranging from high teens in mild winters (May-September), to 24-28° in other months, with short but frequent afternoon showers.In the arid semi-desert of the Patagonia plains, winds blow both hot and cold, spanning a spectrum of temperature changes; sunny in summer, cloudy in winter, and almost always cold at night.With snow in the sub-polar southern reaches of Tierra del Fuego, daytime temperatures hover either side of freezing in winter, and are rarely warmer than 14° in summer (November to February).

Jules Verne’s journeys in Argentina are timed for the seasons best suited to the tour destinations.

Who are Argentina tours suited to?

With jungle humidity, arctic ice, and storm-battered shores, steamy dance styles, cowboy country, and colonial culture, Argentina’s assets and aspects cover everything but ‘bland’. This is a country that ticks all the boxes for those with an adventurous spirit, a curious mind, and a thirst for thrilling experiences.

Jules Verne tours are always in sociably small groups of likeminded people.

Why book Argentina tours with Jules Verne?

With 45 years’ experience and a passion for creating extraordinary adventures, Jules Verne takes you to iconic landmarks and lesser-known sites, with expert tour guides who share their local knowledge, and show you hidden gems. On our various journeys in Argentina, highlights include a stay in the Iryapu jungle beside Iguassu Falls, an ‘asado’ barbecue at a gaucho ranch in the Pampas, and cruising across the Beagle Channel to Chilean islands and islets. 

Our guided tours to Argentina are ABTA and ATOL protected, and we offer a 100% price guarantee, so you can book with complete confidence.

From breathtaking Falls on its northern border, to bone-chilling icefields at its southern tip, via arid desert, Andean peaks and Patagonian pastures, Argentina is as vibrant in its culture as its landscape, and as proud and passionate as its tango.  

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