Explore Argentina

Argentina is huge and tip to toe it embraces jungles, deserts, mountains, plains, volcanoes, glaciers and enormous rivers and lakes. The rich history of the indigenous peoples and numerous immigrant groups adds to the intense flavor that defines Argentina.

Capital city Buenos Aires is a thoroughly cosmopolitan city, offering travellers colonial architecture, colourful and lively local quarters, leisurely strolls through wide boulevards and picturesque parks. Beyond the capital rise the Andes, some of the world’s highest peaks, and the sweeping plains of the Pampas, the land of the Gauchos and the grand estancias (ranches).

To the north, on the border with Brazil, cascade the mighty Iguassu Falls, thunderous, deafening and overwhelming, while to the south lies the vastness of wild and remote Patagonia where the awesome Perito Moreno Glacier dominates the Los Glaciares National Park. A tour through this beautiful country will not disappoint.


Weather & Climate

The main central area is temperate, but can be very hot and humid during summer (December to February) and chilly in winter.

When to go

The most pleasant times to visit Buenos Aires are September-November and February-March.