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Visiting Cuba is like dipping into five centuries of living history. The island seems to have been frozen in time, the manifestations of which are captured in its colonial architecture and ubiquitous presence of the Cuban cigar, salsa music, the old American Buicks, fine rum and the legend of Hemingway.

Havana, the capital, is a heady mix of faded elegance and colourful chaos but with a ‘laid-back’ charm. But aside the clichés and revolutionary history, Cuba has much more to offer the visitor. Travelling away from Havana reveals beautiful countryside of dramatic mountainous landscapes, wild and unspoilt valleys, pristine beaches, sweeping fields of sugar cane, tobacco plantations and a surprisingly variety of flora and fauna. Interspersed can be found many well-preserved colonial towns with grandiose squares and cobbled streets.


Weather & Climate

Most rain falls between May and October and the hurricane season officially runs from July to November, with most storms historically occurring in October and November. Humidity varies between 75% and 95%. Cooler months are January to April when the least rain falls.

When to go

Cuba is a popular destination year-round due to the hot, sub-tropical climate.

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Cuba - View from the Inside

"We closed our tour back in Havana by having a ride in a classic American car, which was great fun!"

January 2017 • Jules Verne
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