Explore Norway

A visit to Norway is like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. The spellbinding Northern Lights, Christmas card landscapes and active volcanoes form a backdrop for the tiny fishing villages, traditional farms and busy ports that a hardy but hospitable people call home.

Come and discover a country carved from ice and fire and featuring massive glaciers, fairy-tale waterfalls and breath-taking scenery. The magic and mystery of this land is palpable – the long stretching mountainous landscapes, completely uninhabited areas and Viking history shroud Norway in myth and legend. Deep fjords indent the entire coast of Norway, making it one of the world’s most exciting cruise destinations. Add the possibility of gazing up at the aurora borealis and a visit could become unbeatable!

As well as its celebrated natural wonders, Norway also boasts several historical and architectural attractions of note, including Nidaros Cathedral, a Church of Norway Cathedral located in the city of Trondheim and Scandinavia’s oldest cathedral. For a real taste of life in this icy paradise, visitors can also take part in husky dog-sledding, where you can either take the reins or simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Other highlights include a visit to Tromsø, the capital of Arctic Norway, and Hammerfest, one of the world’s most northerly towns, where you too will feel on top of the world.



Weather & Climate

Norway experiences extreme cold in the winter, particularly in subpolar regions, and gentle heat in the summer, with temperatures hitting around 30°C in the south.

When to go

Best times to visit are between November and Easter.


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