Visit Zimbabwe

A tour of Zimbabwe puts visitors in front of some of the most remarkable sights in all Africa: the Zambezi and its climactic Victoria Falls, dramatic landscapes and diverse wildlife. Travellers can learn about the country’s intriguing past at Great Zimbabwe. The sprawling ancient stone ruins were built between 1100 and 1450 AD to house royal families.

The patchwork of landscapes here could fill several tours. You’ll find beautiful rugged mountains, grassy plains and lush, teak forests. In the northwest, you can witness wildlife in all its glory – the Hwange game reserve is home to nearly 400 bird species recorded and over 100 species of mammals, most notably massive herds of elephant and a healthy population of predators including lion, plus zebra, buffalo, giraffe, kudu, impala, steenbok, wildebeest and sable.

On the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls makes a thundering 108m drop into narrow Batoka Gorge. Aptly named after our very own formidable and elegant Queen Victoria, the Falls are an iconic and awe-inspiring sight.


Weather & Climate

The hot and dry season is from August to October, and the rainy season from November to March.

When to go

Although located in the tropics, temperate conditions prevail all year.