Discover Eswatini 

The landlocked and independent kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland), one of Africa’s best kept secrets, is surrounded on the north and south by South Africa, and by Mozambique on the east. This small and personable country reveals mountainous grandeur, lush forests and fertile valleys.

Eswatini changed its name from Swaziland to mark 50 years since independence from British rule, and it is one of the world’s last absolute monarchies. Daily life is heavily influenced by cultural traditions. Known for being especially friendly and laid-back, the people are committed to preserving their culture in the face of modernization, with festivals such as the Incwala ceremony and Umhlanga ceremony still taking place, and national dresses regularly being worn.

The diverse landscapes mean that Eswatini is home to the Big Five and dozens of exotic African wildlife species. Many of the nation’s nine designated wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, or nature reserves border each other, therefore providing some of Africa’s most accessible wildlife viewing opportunities. Mkhaya National Park is popular for those in search of the endangered black rhino.


Weather & Climate

Due to variations in altitude, the weather is changeable. In the Highveld region temperatures are relatively mild, reaching 25°C in the summer. The Lowveld has a warmer, drier climate with temperatures reaching 32°C in the summer.

When to go to Eswatini

The wet summer season, between October to March, is worse in the Lowveld but pleasant in the Highveld. The dry winter season, between June and August, is mild in the Lowveld, but cold in the Highveld.