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Welcome to a land of stark contrasts, where the past and future exist in perfect harmony and combine to create a unique culture. Rich heritage and cutting-edge innovation make Japan an unusual destination that should be at the top of every discerning traveller’s list.

What will you experience on one of our Japan holidays?

Japan is home to around 126 million people and the hyperactive metropolises so many call home will satisfy your senses like never before. Nowhere on Earth is quite like Tokyo – the sounds, the lights and the speed of the city will fascinate you. And no film or photograph you’ve ever seen will compare to enjoying the buzz of the capital in person – the personality of such a place really does get lost in translation.

As well as dynamic cities, a journey through Japan will show you many sites of great beauty and historical importance, such as Mount Fuji, Osaka and Kyoto. The Kansai region is filled with tranquil shrines and magnificent Buddhist temples surrounded by exquisite gardens that have developed over centuries.

Other attractions on your Japan tour include traditional geisha entertainment, imperial palaces, an evolving contemporary-art scene and the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. Uncover Japan’s earthly treasures, where you’ll have the opportunity to tick many things off your list, including the Imperial Palace Plaza, the Great Buddha at Kotokuin and UNESCO World Heritage site, Nijo castle.

When is the best time of year to book a tour to Japan?

Japan has four distinct seasons, and each season brings different temperatures and climates. Spring and autumn bring a lovely climate, and in the springtime, you’ll get the chance to witness the beautiful cherry blossoms.

From the end of May to July, you can expect the rainy season. Throughout this period, Japan can often be quite humid, too.

Why choose Jules Verne for your Japan trip?

If you’re looking for a busy, unforgettable experience in a vibrant destination, one of our tours to Japan will be perfect for you. Our Japan trips cater for everyone – those who want to travel alone, with loved ones , or want to explore with friends. The best thing about booking a tour with us is that you also have the opportunity to ask your experienced tour guide any questions that you might have throughout the trip. They will be happy to help!


Weather & Climate

The weather in Japan is mostly temperate, with four distinct seasons.

When to go

Spring and autumn are generally mild throughout the country, and offer spectacular views of pretty sakura cherry blossoms and colourful autumnal leaves, respectively.



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