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Visitors have been flocking to this country of contrasts for centuries to enjoy its Renaissance and Baroque delights, excellent cuisine and fine wine, cities full of antiquity, culture and sophistication and sun-kissed coastline. This is a beautiful land that caters for both the body and the soul.

The lakes of Italy hold a great deal of allure, attracting and inspiring poets, painters and botanists for many centuries. Lake Como, peppered with pastel pink and yellow houses and set against a backdrop of the Alps, remains the most elegant of them all.

Visit Naples to enjoy striking waterfronts and breath-taking views of the Gulf, as well as palaces, castles, churches, catacombs and Medieval and Renaissance monuments. Then, embark on an expedition to the nearby volcanic island, Ischia, for hot springs, numerous bays and tropical vegetation.

Italy is a treasure trove for travellers, revealing gems in every port, town and city. From Puglia’s unique and mysterious Trulli and Sassi buildings, to the preserved towns of Pompeii and its neighbour Herculaneum. Furthermore, you’ll find elegant spa towns, rolling green hills and secret streets filled with history.

It really is impossible to paint a perfect picture of what’s on offer in this welcoming, warm, colourful country. Come and see it for yourself and discover the carefully curated range of escorted tours to Italy, cruises in Italy and our Italy holidays selection.



Weather & Climate in Italy

The weather in Italy varies considerably from north to south. Summer lingers longer in city centres. In the south, summers are far hotter and drier and temperatures more akin to those in North Africa prevail, often reaching above 30°C. 

When to go to Italy

Around the northern Italian lakes a mild microclimate prevails, benefiting the olive groves and tropical gardens that surround the lake, most of which come into spectacular bloom between April and June. Depending on your Italy holidays, tour and and trip plans, there are a number of ways to make the most of the gentler Italian climate.


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