Small Group Tours to The Americas

The great expanse of The Americas stretches from USA in the north, to Chile and Argentina in the south, embracing three distinct yet equally beguiling continents: South America, Central America, and North America. With its diverse history and culture, South America is one of the world's most inspiring regions. From Ecuador to Peru and Patagonia there are imprints of an astonishing variety of civilisations for visitors to discover. 

The landscapes are equally varied providing habitats for an abundance of wildlife; snow-capped mountains and plunging canyons, impenetrable jungles teeming with wildlife; trackless deserts, burning salt flats; thundering waterfalls and mighty glaciers. The great Amazon River and its waterways plus the tropical wetlands of the Pantanal are the best places for wildlife such as exotic bird, jaguars, caimans and giant otters. The Colombian Amazon is lesser known but offers the chance to see the rare pink river dolphins.

Central America is essentially a land bridge uniting the two larger land masses of North and South America. Its scenery is endlessly dramatic with rugged mountains and volcanoes, coastal plains, lakes, forests and jungles that sustain a fabulous wealth of flora and fauna. Its culture is based largely on the legacy of the Maya and the Spanish colonial period that have bequeathed the region with its religion, language, distinctive architecture and character.

Comprising Canada and the USA (the world's second and third largest countries respectively) North America understandably boasts a wealth of variation in geography, climate, culture and modern history. Travel opportunities abound for those looking for sophisticated cities, extraordinary National Parks and amazing landscapes.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Argentina embraces a diverse range of landscapes with jungles, deserts, mountains, plains, volcanoes and enormous rivers and lakes. The rich history of the indigenous peoples and numerous immigrant groups adds to the intense flavor that defines Argentina.

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Potosi City Cathedral, Potosi, Bolivia


Bolivia is one of the highest and most remote countries on earth. Discover an impressive array of colourful markets, colonial heritage, the Andes Mountains, the Atacama Desert and the Amazon Basin rainforest on a small group escorted tour.

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Aerial View Of Botafogo Bay From High Angle, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


When many think of Brazil, they think of the Amazon, but a small group tour to Brazil also includes the dramatic landscapes of red-rock canyons, glorious sun-drenched beaches, the power of the vast Iguassu Falls and the architecturally-rich colonial towns.

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Atacama Desert, Northern Chile, South America


Chile boasts many contrasting landscapes and ecosystems, from the Atacama desert to the vibrant capital of Santiago de Chile, and glaciers, lakes and islands of Chiloe in the Patagonia region. It is this diversity that makes a visit to Chile so rewarding.

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Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia


Colombia offers an exciting array of places to visit from the vibrant capital of Bogotá, through the rich, verdant landscapes of the coffee region to the stunning UNESCO-listed walled city of Cartagena and archaeology of San Agustín.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the worlds' most naturally splendid and biologically diverse countries. A nature-lover's paradise, this beautiful destination boasts an envious record of environmental care, along with a magnificent coastline.

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Happy Cuban Women, Cuba


The island of Cuba seems to have been frozen in time, the manifestations of which are captured in its colonial architecture and ubiquitous presence of the Cuban cigar, salsa music, the old American Buicks, fine rum and the legend of Hemingway.

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Mayan Ruins, Tikal, Guatemala


Discover Guatemala and discover a complex combination of customs and traditions - journey through what is essentially a land of Mayan ruins, beautiful colonial architecture, spectacular rainforest scenery, conical volcanoes and serene blue lakes.

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Mayan Glyph Aztec, Honduras, South America


Honduras is less visited than its smaller neighbours. However, with several natural and ancient highlights in the form of colonial towns, mountainous jungle scenery and Caribbean beaches to offer to offer travellers, it is well worth exploring.

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City of Guanajuato, Mexico


You cannot miss the impact of the Spanish conquistadors in Mexico. It can be seen in the ornate churches, city plazas and the whitewashed walls of surrounding haciendas, providing a picturesque glimpse of the country’s past.

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Lake Titicaca, Peru


While the old Inca settlement certainly of Machu Picchu dominates any travel itinerary in Peru, we certainly don’t neglect the mix of other ancient civilisations and dramatic archaeology that await travellers on a tour across the rest of the country.

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Historic Quarter Of Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay


Uruguay has been relatively overlooked by tourists, which incidentally adds to its charm. A journey through Uruguay is a journey through time. There is a noticeably slower pace of life and its culture and history can be seen in each of its towns.

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