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Kazakhstan is a huge country, the size of western Europe, and lies in Central Asia, south of Russia , north of Uzbekistan and northwest of China It gained independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991. By virtue of its vast mineral resources and the expansion of oil interests, the country has enjoyed rapid growth bringing commercial and economic success that has expunged some of the deprivations prior to its liberation. Kazakhstan has embraced the 21st century and has much to offer the visitor.

Understandably in such a large country, the landscapes vary enormously including mountains, lakes and sparsely populated lowlands in the west and the remote steppes in the centre. Astana is the new capital having taken over from Almaty, and is virtually a new western-style city of impressive skyscrapers but still alongside old Russian-style block edifices. Suppressed under Soviet rule but now in revival, Islam is the main religion.


Weather & Climate

Kazakhstan has a continental climate with cold winters, hot summers and is fairly dry.

When to go

The best time to visit Kazakhstan is between April and October.

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