Escorted Tours to India

India’s magic lies in a vibrant abundance of people and landscapes. From the temples of Varanasi to the marble fortresses of Delhi and the carved sandstone palaces of Rajasthan, there is plenty to explore and experience on one of our India tours. India also provides unique wildlife experiences through its renowned national parks and sanctuaries. 

Embrace a culture like no other 

We’re confident that any traveller will be enthralled by this ethereal country, wherever their India tour takes them. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a nature lover or an architecture fanatic, you will be amazed at the wonderfully unique sights that India has to offer.

On a tour to India you will encounter countless temples and royal enclosures; the extravagant and slightly eccentric Mysore Palace with its intricate carvings and dramatic scenery; the fabled pink city of Jaipur; and monuments and buildings of the country’s colonial era.

The most iconic structure in India – the Taj Mahal – is the most epic and emotive example of enduring love you will witness anywhere in the world. It’s a popular site but the hustle and bustle around you melts away when you see its beauty and hear its story. During The Taj Tour, admire the symmetrical perfection as the sun sets, basking the white marble in a warm, orange glow.

Wildlife enthusiasts have so much to enjoy on our escorted tours to India, in particular Wild India. Venture into undisturbed pockets of the Ranthambore National Park during our Tale of the Tiger tour, where many will be fortunate enough to spot an elusive tiger as well leopards, deer and over 200 species of birds. Or explore the beautiful Gir National Park in quest of the Asiatic lion – the only place in the world that these magnificent creatures reside.

Tours to India need not involve travelling across land. You may choose to embark on a unique and original cruise Along the Banks of the Hoogly through rural India. Cover 250 miles in comfort on our charming small river vessel, embracing the true character of the country away from the usual tourist trails. Or, experience an assault on the senses as you sail along the sacred Holy Ganges, enjoying colourful scenery, rich history and ancient traditions.

During our escorted tours to India, expert guides are guaranteed to show you all the hidden gems you might miss if you travelled alone. Plus, their depth of knowledge will offer you insight that you won’t find anywhere else.

When to go on India holidays

India has three seasons: winter, summer and monsoon. As the climate can be extremely hot during summer and extremely wet during the monsoon months, the best time to embark on India holidays is winter. During these months’ temperatures are warm and pleasant, and conditions are usually sunny and dry. This makes for comfortable and enjoyable exploration. All our fantastic guided tours to India depart at times of year that best suit the area you’re visiting. So, whether you’re headed to the Himalayas or to the beaches in the south, you can enjoy the destination at its best.

This is sure to be the holiday of a lifetime; discover ancient and exotic lands on a Jules Verne guided tour to India.

Explore India virtually

You can now explore India from the comfort of your home. Here is our favourite spot:

Taj Mahal, Agra

Discover more of the world virtually with Jules Verne.


Weather & Climate

The weather is mainly hot most of the year with significant variations from region to region.

When to go

Due to the vastness of the country, India can be visited at any time of the year.

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