Explore Iceland

This relatively small and vastly unpopulated land is perfect for intrepid travellers searching for a unique experience. The wide range of Icelandic highlights on offer include fjords, waterfalls, lakes, rock formations and lava fields.

The volcanic eruptions of 2010 may have brought air travel to a grinding halt but it demonstrated the awesome power of Mother Nature and renewed our interest in the way our world works. Tour Iceland with us and get up close and personal with this untamed land of fire, ice and dancing lights.

Iceland may conjure up visions of glittering white landscapes but this is actually a country of many colours. You can expect to marvel at gleaming white, cobalt blue and jade green icebergs, volcanic ash beaches, black lava, red sulphur and green valleys. There are also pretty, little coastal villages, spectacular shorelines and hot spring areas. Most memorable is the Blue Lagoon, where you can bathe in warm waters while surrounded by soft snow and gleaming ice – a truly surreal treat for the senses.

The ultimate, literal highlight of an Icelandic adventure is the Northern Lights. The country, with its ecologically friendly environment and lack of atmospheric pollution is the perfect vantage point to view the Aurora Borealis – we’ll help you chase the lights but there are no guarantees with nature!



Weather & Climate

Summers are mild and winters rather cold. In June and July, there are nearly 24 hours of daylight in Reykjavík, while in the northern part of the country the sun barely sets at all.

When to go

The Northern Lights are best seen between November and February.


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