Tours to Greenland

Most of Greenland is uninhabitable, with frozen tundra reaching far into the arctic circle. But clinging to the coast, a thin strip of land of unimaginable beauty is home to fascinating wildlife and one of the most resourceful cultures in the world.

A tour with Jules Verne is the perfect way for intrepid travellers to explore Greenland. Whether you are interested in wildlife, photography or ethnography, there is plenty in this vast and spectacular country to capture your interest. Those with luck and patience on their side might be able to catch glimpses of polar bears, humpback whales, musk oxen, walruses, reindeer or even sea eagles. Budding photographers will be keen to explore the dramatic landscapes: from glaciers to hot springs and mountains to frozen tundra. Meanwhile, the capital city of Nuuk is a riot of colour thanks to its brightly painted houses. It’s also the best place to see local culture on display.

Greenland is also home to one of the most northern UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. The beauty of the Ilulissat Icefjord is remarkable in itself. Giant icebergs, carved from the world’s second largest glacier, tower as far as the eye can see in every direction. However, this landscape’s true significance lies in the story it tells of the world’s geological history, as well as its future.

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