Escorted Greece Tours

For such a small country, Greece has played a large part in our collective history. Explore the birthplace of democracy and the foundations of life as we know it on one of our magical Greece tours, where crystal-clear waters, golden sands, ancient cities and historical sights await.

With a huge range of fantastic, escorted tours in Greece on offer, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice. Weave effortlessly between the beautiful Greek islands on our coastal cruises, or take cultural land tours visiting the ruins of one of history’s most advanced civilisations. No matter which of our Greece group tours you choose, it’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime.

Where you'll visit on our escorted tours to Greece

With its evocative cultural heritage, complex history and exquisite cuisine, a touring holiday in Greece is sure to awaken your senses. The whole country is bursting with historical sites and ancient monuments, making it a must-visit for architecture and history lovers alike. On our Greece tours you can explore the Acropolis in Athens, which was created to celebrate the city’s rise to the zenith of its power, the Greco-Roman ruins on the island of Delos and the medieval UNESCO World Heritage site of Rhodes Town, to name a few. 

The islands of the Cyclades in the southern Aegean Sea, offer you the opportunity for both relaxation and exploration. Sit back and soak up the picturesque scenes of largely uninhabited Mediterranean landscapes peppered with dazzling white houses, cobbled alleyways, blue-domed churches, hilltop windmills, and volcanic cliffs above black sandy beaches.

Our fantastic Myths and Minoans trip takes you on a discovery of the ancient Minoan civilisation, exploring the rich heritage of beautiful Heraklion and Rethymnon. These Crete Greece tours are the perfect way to witness the archaeological and architectural brilliance of the island, while admiring its unique natural beauty and cuisine. 

Whether you choose to embark on our magical journey to Crete or you’d like to join us on our Greece tours from Athens, we’re sure it’ll provide you with a whole host of unforgettable memories.

When is the best time for Greece tours?

Thanks to its warm, Mediterranean climate, you can enjoy Greece tours for most of the year. We don’t travel at the height of the summer months, as some areas of the country can reach a stifling 40°C. If you struggle with the heat, we recommend a trip in the spring months or later in September or October when the heat is gentler, and the crowds have declined. Coastal cruises and northern Greece tours are often blessed by a cooling evening breeze making for pleasant exploration. Whether you’re planning on booking mainland Greece tours or a trip to the islands, our personal travel experts can advise on when is the best time to visit.

Why go on guided tours of Greece with Jules Verne?

Our Greece tours depart from the UK and can be enjoyed with a small group of like-minded travellers and an experienced tour guide. This allows for a more personalised experience where you can learn everything you’d like to know about this magnificent country. Your expert guide will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the local culture, cuisine and more during our Greece group tours.

Whether you’re looking to travel solo, as a couple, or with a group of friends, our escorted tours to Greece will open your eyes to the wonderous architecture, cuisine, and culture this beautiful country has to offer.

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today and embark on your next holiday with Jules Verne.


Weather & Climate

Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate. In summer, dry hot days are often relieved by stiff evening breezes, especially in the north, on the islands and in coastal areas.

When to go

Athens can be stiflingly hot, with temperatures occasionally exceeding 40°C (104°F) in July. Winters are mild in the south but much colder in the mountainous north, where it is not uncommon to see snow and temperatures plummeting to well below zero. November to March is the rainy season, most notably on the Ionian islands.



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