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Egypt excites the child in everyone. It brings to life everything that Hollywood has ever shown us; everything we’ve ever seen in a museum – the Pyramids, the Pharaohs and a history of biblical proportions. Embrace your inner Indiana Jones and embark on an adventure with us.

Travellers have been attracted to Egypt by its magic and mystery for centuries. In ancient times they came from the south following the Nile into Egypt where they were met by Ramses’ mighty temples at Abu Simbel, designed to intimidate and astound. Travelling northwards, one magnificent temple followed another and climaxed with mighty Pyramids.

A visit of Egypt allows you to follow in the footsteps of the many great explorers’ who came before, taking in the spellbinding sites of the colossal Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza and the hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs in Luxor. You can take a closer look at the remarkable findings discovered by archaeologists and tomb raiders alike in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.

Less-visited sites such as the home of ‘heretic pharaoh’ Akhenaten, Thebes and Nubia give insatiable travellers the opportunity to delve deeper into the story of ancient Egypt and gain a different perspective than that offered on the usual tourist trails.



Weather & Climate

Egypt is a huge country with plenty of variety in its climate; when it’s chilly and wet in Alexandria, it can be ravishingly hot in Aswan.

When to go

The best time to visit most sights, including the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, or diving in the Red Sea, is from February to April and October to November.

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Egypt - View from the Inside

"As a first time visitor to Egypt the pyramids were what I had been waiting for and they did not disappoint."

April 2016 • Laura Faulkner, Online Marketing Assistant
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