Baltic States

Nestled around the Baltic Sea in the north of Europe, the Baltic States are the perfect destination for an escorted tour holiday rich in culture, history and stunning scenery. The Baltic States are made up of three countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – each of which is filled with places to explore. Travelling as part of a Jules Verne escorted tour opens up these fascinating countries and cultures to visitors in new ways.

Since coming out from under the thumb of Soviet rule, this area has regained the prosperity of its past. Discover the history of the region through the beautiful architecture. In Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, you will find examples of Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic and Classical architecture. The diversity of the old town is why it is one of many protected World Heritage sites in the area. In Latvia, you will uncover a bustling metropolis bursting with life in the capital, Riga. In Estonia, there are acres of wilderness to explore, including pristine countryside with swathes of dark forests populated by amazing wildlife.

The Baltic States are well developed, with advanced economies and high living standards. The amenities you will find on our tours are unrivalled. Visit the charming towns and cities in the region and appreciate the wide choice of galleries, museums, cafés and restaurants. With so much on offer – to see, do and eat – this underappreciated area is filled with untapped potential.



Weather & Climate

The weather in Italy varies considerably from north to south. Summer lingers longer in city centres. In the south, summers are far hotter and drier and temperatures more akin to those in North Africa prevail, often reaching above 30°C.

When to go

Around the northern Italian lakes a mild microclimate prevails, benefitting the olive groves and tropical gardens that surround the lake, most of which come into spectacular bloom between April and June.


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