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Against a backdrop of varied and beautiful landscapes, the reasons for embarking on one of our tours to France are manifold. With its exquisite cuisine, coveted vineyards and sleepy villages, chic cities, ancient houses and modern museums, France is sure to satisfy the mind, body and soul.

You’ll witness the French Joie De Vivre, whatever path you take through the country. You could choose to roam the romantic rural landscapes, explore undulating woods, orchards and pastures or absorb the culture of the capital: fashionable Paris.

Alternatively, if you’re an architecture enthusiast, you might want to appreciate the 18th-century buildings and quintessentially French squares complete with fountains and classical façades that can be found the length and breadth of France.

Where you'll visit during tours to France

Our French barge cruises are also perfect for 'non-cruisers'. Enjoy the area at a slower pace and you are free to hop on or off the barge and or catch up at the next lock. Enjoy a leisurely barge cruise along the Canal du Rhône on Péniche Provencale, cruise along the Loire Canal through the heart of France to authentic terroirs and beautiful villages on our newest barge cruise Péniche Sur Loire. For those with fine tastes, Péniche Champagne will be the perfect barge cruise for you, sailing along the majestic Marne canal through charming towns. Alternatively, visit the beautiful scenery of the Marne-Rhine Canal on the Péniche Alsacienne, sailing past fairy-tale castles and through wonderful forests, mountains and valleys.

Both good food and drink are deliciously unavoidable during escorted tours to France. Learn about regional wine varieties, and cruise the Garonne, Dordogne & Gironde to famous vineyards on Bordeaux & the Rivers of Wine. Alternatively, visit the Champagne region and sail along the Marne canal through vineyards, charming towns and historic cities, tasting Champagne every day.

The waterways of France combine beautiful countryside with historic towns and villages. As you glide along peaceful waters, you’ll gain a fresh understanding of why Cézanne and Van Gogh were inspired by Provence. Or what drew great French painters such as Monet, Manet, Cézanne, Gauguin and Renoir to the River Seine.

When to go on tours to France

If you’re longing to explore France, trips can be enjoyed throughout the year thanks to the country’s comfortable climate. The majority of travellers choose to embark on a French holiday in the summer months, when long days filled with sunshine can be enjoyed. Shoulder seasons (April through June and September through October) are also a desirable time to travel due to mild weather and quieter tourist hotspots.

Why go on escorted tours to France with Jules Verne

Our team of experts are proud to offer extraordinary trips across the world, taking travellers to magical destinations filled with charm and character. If you are looking to experience the best of the region, our escorted trips to France will take you to both the iconic landmarks and hidden treasures that would be hard to reach any other way.

Whether you’re looking to travel solo, as a couple, or with a group of friends, our escorted tours to France will open your eyes to the wonderous architecture, cuisine, and culture this beautiful country has to offer.

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Weather & Climate

France has an affable climate with long hot summers and cool winters, which bring snow to higher ground.

When to go

France is a popular year-round destination.



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