Travel Turkey

To embark on a Turkey tour is to travel through time and experience its amazingly colourful history. Its many influences, staggering scenery, ancient and modern points of interest and unique character and atmosphere make traveling this exotic land and discovering its delights a real pleasure.

Turkey is a treasure-trove of historic sites and archaeological wonders. Visitors will marvel at Ephesus, the mystical Cappadocia rock churches, Rumeli castle and the Basilica Cistern, which is the largest of hundreds of ancient cisterns lying beneath the city of Istanbul. Topkapi Palace, residence of the Sultans and women of the harem, is sure to be highlight of your tour through Turkey. The Palace Treasury displays the 86-carat Spoonmaker diamond, the gold-plated Bayram throne and bejewelled aigrettes for the imperial turban. The harem itself is a labyrinth of brilliantly tiled 16th-century chambers.

Turkey is home to exquisite examples of nature at work. The River Menderes leads inland towards Pamukkale where you discover a unique phenomenon of hot springs, pools and calcified waterfalls. Lake Van with its volcanic backdrop, the Araxes River, the shores of the Black Sea, the Anatolian plateau and truly amazing, forested mountains will all also provide incredible photo opportunities, although you’ll never be able to quite capture the majesty of Turkey’s landscape.



Weather & Climate

Turkey's climate varies widely from region to region as well as seasonally.

When to go

For sightseeing, the spring and autumn months are the most comfortable as the weather is milder than the summer months.


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