Discover Mongolia

One of the oldest nations in the world, Mongolia has left a noticeable imprint on mankind’s history through the actions of Genghis Khan and his unprecedented empire that spread from China to Europe. Witness for yourself the remarkable landscape and colourful history of this great land.

Mongolia will always conjure up images wild horses on the steppes, Indiana Jones-esque escapades and, of course, Genghis Khan’s army. To discover the history of Mongolia, you might visit the Gandan Monastery, Sukhbaatar Square and the National Museum of Mongolia, or perhaps the Giant Genghis Monument complex and Bogd Khaan’s Palace Museum.

The natural world is a wonder to behold here. Perhaps you’ll enjoy exhilarating views of Takhi wild horses in Hustai National Park or spend time in the breath-taking Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve. Wherever you venture, you can’t pass up the opportunity to take in the harsh yet beautiful Gobi desert – Mongolia’s landscape masterpiece.


Weather & Climate

A dry climate with short, mild summers and long, severe winters.

When to go

September and October are cool in the north but quite pleasant in Gobi areas. July and August are generally the best months for travel.