Explore Portugal

When choosing a Portugal holiday, you’re presented with the enviable task of deciding whether you stay on the mainland, rich in culture, history and beautiful landscapes; opt for a slice of Madeira, the island of eternal spring; or island hop on the exotic Azores.

Portugal is a country of enormous variety. The land ranges from mountains and green valleys to flat, dry plains and an enticing coastline.

Lovers of history and architecture can come together to marvel at the likes of the Medieval city of Guimarães, the hilltop citadel of St George’s Castle and the palaces of Lisbon. You’ll also be taken aback by the Ribeira district, now a UNESCO site, with its labyrinth of narrow Medieval streets, time-worn, pastel-hued buildings and authentic old-world charm.

For a taste of paradise, travellers can visit the island of Madeira. Contrasting landscapes, an abundance of flora and fauna, a temperate climate and an absorbing history make this a destination for all explorers.

Alternatively, the nine volcanic islands of The Azores will captivate the romantic in you with their intriguing legends and stunning natural beauty. You’ll discover peaceful lagoons, soaring cliffs, undulating countryside, secluded coves and tempting thermal waters.



Weather & Climate

Portugal is one of the warmest European countries with an average temperature of 15°C in the north and 18°C in the south, while the Azores and Madeira are wetter and hotter respectively.

When to go

Spring and summer see temperatures soar to as high as 40°C around the interior and 35°C in the north. Autumn is milder but with some rainfall.


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