Visit Lithuania

This Baltic beauty is renowned for its Baroque architecture, is adorned with dense forests and glittering lakes, and is home to Vilnius, whose Old Town is Europe’s largest. Lithuania holidays open visitors’ eyes to cultural gems unseen by so many.

As well as fine Baroque architecture, you’ll also find an impressive array of Gothic, Renaissance and classical examples, particularly in the capital, Vilnius – just one of the many celebrated and protected UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country. Here, you’ll also discover the former KGB building, which now houses a museum telling the story of the Stalin and Soviet Union regimes. A tour of this town gives guests an insight not only into life in ancient Lithuania but also its recent past and struggles during life behind the Iron Curtain.

Today, Vilnius offers tourists an abundance of narrow, winding streets to explore, inviting, cosy cafés to enjoy and splendid restaurants where you can sample national specialities, such as black bread, cold beetroot soup and the delicious potato dumplings known as Cepelinai.

A journey through this land nourishes mind, body and soul. Explore this largely forgotten treasure on the Baltic coast for sights, sounds and experiences that can never be replicated anywhere else in the world.



Weather & Climate

To the west, the Latvian coast benefits from a maritime climate, while the hinterland in the east has a continental climate.

When to go

Between June and September, days are pleasantly warm and often sunny.