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Contained by the Pacific Ocean to the West and the long spine of the soaring Andes to the East, Chile is 4,300 kms long with an average width of only 175 kms. As might be expected over such a long North to South swathe, the country boasts many contrasting landscapes and ecosystems from the arid wastelands of the Atacama desert bordering Peru to the vibrant capital of Santiago de Chile in the central zone and from the glaciers, lakes and islands of Chiloe in the Patagonia region that lead on to Antarctica. The climate similarly spans a major range over its 38 degrees of latitude and has shaped those defining features.

Chile is therefore a country of geographical extremes where Nature dominates which is similarly reflected in its people. Much of the country is pristine wilderness with the population centred around just a small number of cities and towns, assumingly sophisticated but also with sufficient vestiges of the past to captivate the curious visitor. The cuisine is also diverse and of course Chilean wine has made a great impact on the modern world of viticulture. It is this diversity that makes a visit to Chile so attractive and rewarding.


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Weather & Climate

Due to its long coastline, clearly Chile’s weather is extremely diverse and unpredictable although it is seasonal in much of the country. Summer runs from December to February, and winter from June to August.

When to go

The summer months from December to March are ideal as it is warmer for trekking and other outdoor activities. November and April are quieter times in terms of tourism.

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