Discover European Christmas Markets

20 Aug 2023 Jules Verne
Prague Christmas Markets, Czechia, Czech Republic Prague Christmas Markets, Czechia, Czech Republic Dresden Christmas Market from above, Czechia, Czech Republic Christmas Market, Vienna, Austria

Visit the best European Christmas Markets

No matter if you prefer summer or winter, city or beach, culture or shopping, there is something magical about a Christmas market that is hard to resist. That childlike sense of anticipation, the tingling of your cheeks from the crisp, winter air and the delectable aroma of spiced wine and festive treats that entices you through twisty streets, garlanded with colourful lights and traditional decorations.

At Jules Verne we have tours which offer the chance to visit the best Christmas markets Europe has to offer. When you combine some of the best architecture, history, and landmarks in the world with the traditions and magic of Christmas – you are guaranteed to be filled with the festive spirit on every visit.

Christmas markets are a feast for the senses - where every house, shop, and stall, not to mention every tree on the street, is bedecked with twinkling lights and shining brightly.

From Bratwürst served with ketchup and pickles to Klobása spicy paprika kebabs in Czechia, your hunger will swell with the smells of grilled meats and sausages as you walk around the markets. Alternatively, you can ward off the cold with potatoes, each region seems to have their own way of frying up a plate of golden potatoes, some served simply with garlic or apple sauce and others topped indulgently with cheesy, gooey raclette. Perfectly spiced Lebkuchen (gingerbread biscuits) make for great take-home gifts – if you can resist the temptation of nibbling these icing topped treats yourself! Not to mention all the marzipan, roasted nuts and nougat you can carry.

There is no better way to warm up rosy, red cheeks flushed with cold than indulging in a festive cup of Glühwein, or Svařák as it’s known in Czechia – a sugary infusion of cinnamon, cloves, and star anise that is the ultimate warm-hug in a mug.

The markets we visit on our tours are known for their authenticity, where you can find many local or hand-made products. It is a wonderful chance to pick up ornaments and decorations that have a real story behind them, and a fantastic reminder of your travels. 

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