The concept of the ‘Secrets’ collection germinated in response to a growing number of our travellers who expressed a wish to revisit their favourite countries. Rather than tread over old ground we colluded with our local representatives to identify areas, towns and sights of the country that were relatively unexplored but equally exciting as the better-known parts,



Our Secrets range of small group tours offers the opportunity to explore the unexplored!

Rather than concentrating on well-known sights and cities, these unique itineraries are carefully curated to acquaint you with the hidden corners of your chosen destination. We’ve tapped into the unrivalled expertise of our local guides and contacts, persuading them to share their knowledge and let us in on some of their best-kept secret recommendations. Here you’ll find authentic places, meet authentic people, and enjoy authentic experiences.

If we do pass significant sights en route, we have endeavoured to present them from a different angle, offering a fresh view, greater understanding, and longer lasting memories

Our Secrets tours are perfect if you’re returning to a destination and keen to cover new ground, or for the discerning traveller who prefers to do things a little differently.

From Sicily to the Balkans, or the Indian Himalayas, Jules Verne has a range of little secrets that we are keen to let you in on.