The concept of the ‘Secrets’ collection germinated in response to a growing number of our travellers who expressed a wish to revisit their favourite countries. Rather than tread over old ground we colluded with our local representatives to identify areas, towns and sights of the country that were relatively unexplored but equally exciting as the better-known parts,

Our Secrets range of small group tours offers the opportunity to explore the unexplored!

Rather than concentrating on well-known sights and cities, these unique itineraries are carefully curated to acquaint you with the hidden corners of your chosen destination. We’ve tapped into the unrivalled expertise of our local guides and contacts, persuading them to share their knowledge and let us in on some of their best-kept secret recommendations. Here you’ll find authentic places, meet authentic people, and enjoy authentic experiences.

If we do pass significant sights en route, we have endeavoured to present them from a different angle, offering a fresh view, greater understanding, and longer lasting memories

Our Secrets tours are perfect if you’re returning to a destination and keen to cover new ground, or for the discerning traveller who prefers to do things a little differently.

From Sicily to the Balkans, or the Indian Himalayas, Jules Verne has a range of little secrets that we are keen to let you in on.

Parliament Building from River, Budapest, Hungary

Secret Danube

Sailing from the Black Sea to Budapest, this is a fascinating and multi-faceted journey, revealing the less-known reaches of the Danube, and cruising through the ravishing riverscapes which connect the countries, capitals, and cultures along its remarkable route

More 10 nights from £3495
Aeolian Islands, Sicily, Italy

Treasures & Secrets of Sicily

A heady blend of ancient sites, stunning scenery, charming towns and glorious churches, this is our ‘grand tour’ of Sicily, its highlights varying from Aeolian Isles to UNESCO sites, Mount Etna to Marsala wine, and the Scicli film locations of Inspector Montalbano

More 14 nights from £3175

Secret Sicily

A very varied journey through Sicily’s less-visited sites, this tour reveals the hidden gems of cultural heritage and contrasting landscapes, from Aeolian Islands to ostentatious Baroque towns, and from fishing villages to the fictional world of Inspector Montalbano

More 7 nights from £1795
Taroudant, Morocco

Secret Morocco

From the mystique and magic of Marrakech to the High Atlas mountain village of Imlil, the walled Berber town of Taroudant, and Essaouira’s Atlantic shore, this tour reveals Morocco’s many facets, and adds absorbing character with stays in historic riads

More 9 nights from £2645

Secret Georgia

Georgia’s gorgeous scenery forms a fabulous backdrop to this revealing tour, as we journey from the capital to the Caucasus mountains and Black Sea coast, visiting castles, caves and cathedrals, enroute to medieval towns and middle-of-nowhere villages

More 10 nights from £2175
Temple Of Medinet, Habu, Egypt

Secret Nile

In a full fortnight of discovery, this is the classic ‘long cruise’ from Cairo to Aswan, with a different perspective, as it sails to the lesser-known landmarks of ancient Egypt, beside the Nile, in Luxor, and on Lake Nasser; and adds an insight of local culture

More 14 nights from £5725

Secret Greece - Alexander & Olympus

From Thessaloniki’s Byzantine quarter to the haunts of Alexander the Great, the home of the Gods, Mount Olympus, the monasteries of Mount Athos, Philippi’s Roman remains, and bountiful nature at Lake Kerkini, this is a glorious discovery of northern Greece

More 7 nights from £1925

Secret Himalayan India

Travelling to heritage hotels in hill station towns, and using small vehicles to take off at tangents to little-known temples and villages, this is a beguiling blend of cities, serenity, scenery and spirituality

More 20 nights from £3695

Secrets of the Seychelles

Cruise the Garden of Eden on this unique island-hopping voyage through the paradise isles of the Seychelles archipelago, uncovering white sandy beaches and incredible wildlife. From dots on the map in Ste. Anne Marine Park, to the diversity on lively Mahé, discovering the culture and nature of this Creole nation

More 8 nights from £4215
Mysore Palace, India

Secret India 

From Bangalore’s Bull Temple to Mysore’s magnificent palace, from Ooty hill station to Bandipur’s ‘Project Tiger’ reserve, and from the misted beauty of Coorg to the mystical temples of Hassan and Hampi, this is an enthralling tour of Karnataka’s cultural riches

More 16 nights from £3185