Jules Verne unveils the ancient wonders of Egypt

04 Sep 2023 Rooster PR
Nile, Aswan, Egypt

Jules Verne Unveils the Ancient Wonders of Egypt with Launch of Dedicated Brochure Including Five New Tours


Jules Verne, the small group escorted tour specialist, has announced the launch of its new brochure dedicated to Egypt, a destination that has increasingly captured the imagination and curiosity of its customers. 

Following a 78% growth in bookings since 2019, and to inspire travellers to explore more of Egypt’s ancient wonders, rich culture, and stunning landscapes, Jules Verne has worked with local expert tour guides to curate five brand new, unique and exciting tours that will feature in the new brochure.

Whether its relaxing in Luxor and exploring the cities ancient wonders, experiencing Cairo’s hidden gems on a short break, or combining the best of Egypt on a tour that includes Cairo, Lake Nasser and the Nile, every traveller will find something to suit their taste and budget. The brochure also tells the story of the SS Misr: the elegant steamship, once the floating palace of King Farouk, and now a luxury Nile cruise vessel.


To view the new brochure or book a tour, visit vjv.com or call 0203 553 3722.

Jules Verne’s General Manager Debbie O’Neill says
: “I adore Egypt! It’s a country that will take your breath away with its ancient wonders, rich culture, and stunning landscapes. It’s a place where history comes alive and where you can experience the legacy of one of the world’s oldest civilisations. It’s a land of secrets and mysteries that never ceases to fascinate me.

“I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak of the Grand Egyptian Museum earlier this year, before it opens its doors to the world. It was an astounding experience, a fusion of ancient and modern beauty. We’re all on the edge of our seats, waiting for the moment when this magnificent museum will reveal its wonders. And I’m reliably told that we won’t need to wait for too much longer!”

Egyptologist and Tour Manager, Salah Sholok, works with Jules Verne following his studies of Egyptology at University and says: “I love being able to share my passion for Egypt with other travellers. In terms of where we visit, my favourite site has to be Saqqara. It was the necropolis for ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis, and it’s the biggest archaeological site in the country.

But what enthrals me most about Egypt as a whole is the unbelievable skill and patience of the ancient Egyptians. For anyone that loves to travel, Egypt is a must because it’s such a unique country, and exploring it with a guide is the best way to get under its skin.”


Following high demand, Jules Vernes have listened to its customers, taken a deeper dive into the lesser-known sites, and come up with five new tours perfect for culturally curious travellers, including:


Starting in Cairo, this 10-night trip combines a land stay in the capital with two contrasting cruises: four nights on Lake Nasser, and three nights from Aswan to Luxor on MS Hamees. This trip is ideal for those after an alternative take on the region, being the only itinerary that visits the temples of Lake Nasser by water. Not forgetting the big hitters, guests will also visit the Pyramids of Giza, the ancient treasures of Luxor, and sail to Abu Simbel to witness a spectacular sound and light show.


This weeklong trip is perfect for travellers short on time and offers excellent value for money. Sailing on the contemporary ship MS Hamees, travellers will be able to take in the Valley of the Kings, Kom Ombo, Edfu temple, and Aswan, as well as a unique experience to Gharb Soheil village.


Sailing on SS Misr, this new, seven-night itinerary includes a rare visit to Denderah, one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt dedicated to the goddess Hathor. This exclusive Jules Verne charter also includes a visit to the ancient, rock-cut temple complex of Abu Simbel and the traditional Nubian village of Gharb Soheil. Stopping off at a local family home, visitors will learn about life on the river, before exploring the island’s murals and colourful, fragrant market.


This four-night land stay is all about Cairo’s cultural lures. From a base in the heart of the city, you’ll embark on full-day tours to the Pyramids, Memphis, and Saqqara, as well as the Egyptian

Museum – soon to be the much-anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum. The tour also includes several unique optional excursions and a free day to explore at leisure, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a flexible, personalised trip.


This eight-day unpack and explore itinerary takes visitors on guided land excursions around Luxor to see the Valley of the Kings, the Temples of Karnak, and other key sites. This trip also includes a Unique Experience: a felucca sailing to see the water bathed in gold at sunset.


The brochure however is so much more than just a catalogue of tours. It’s a gateway to Egypt, a way to connect travellers with the people, the history, and the beauty of the country.

Readers will find some added special features throughout the brochure, including the chance to work out which tour you should choose in its “Which Tour is for Me” guide, join some of the Jules Verne team as they debate the best monuments, tombs and temples in Egypt, as well as meet a selection of the locals in Egypt, who make every tour experience special.

For 45 years, Jules Verne have been creating amazing tours that displays the best of the world, with expert guides that showcase the true character of each destination.

To hear more about Jules Verne in Egypt, listen to the Passepartout People & Places Podcast, which features Tarek and Rania - our partners in Egypt – who create memorable Nile cruises; not only along the most popular sailing routes but also along the ‘secret’ parts of the Nile.

For those who are inspired to learn more about Egypt, and the exciting new tours available, the new brochure will be available to view online and request from 7th September.

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