Lord of the Glens - View from the Inside

01 Jun 2021 Charlotte Bush
Loch Glenfinnan, Scotland Lord Of The Glens Vessel At Loch Ness, Scotland Neptune's Staircase, Caledonian Canal, Scotland Lord Of The Glens Vessel In Lock, Scotland

A personal account from Lord of the Glens

After a week on one of Scotland’s most elegant cruise ships, exploring stunning waterways and surrounded by the beautiful Scottish landscape, I felt refreshed, coming home with new memories and an appreciation for the fine cuisine that was on offer.

Being in the UK meant that travelling to the destination was more than easy. After a train ride to Glasgow, we were greeted by a guide who offered to show us around the highlights of the city. The guided tour included information about Glasgow’s surprising history, before enjoying dinner at Carlton Hotel, our hotel for the night.

The following day we embarked the Lord of the Glens in Oban, ready to set sail along the Caledonian Canal to take in the best of the Scottish Highlands. With a range of cabins, an elegant dining room, front deck seating and unobstructed views, I knew we were in for a unique travel experience.

After a comfortable night onboard, we had a chance to explore Oban, which included an optional walk to McCaig’s Tower providing an amazing view over the town, before setting sail to Tobermory. Tobermory was the perfect picture-postcard town to enjoy, browsing around the shops and admiring the multicoloured buildings.

By day four we had travelled half-way around the stunning Caledonian Canal and arrived in Corpach and boarded a coach to Glenfinnan where we got to see the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct which carries the railway 100ft above the ground across a 1,000ft span. Harry Potter fans will know this is where filming of the ‘Hogwarts Express’ took place for two of the Harry Potter films, and it lived up to its reputation with cinematic views.

In the following days we returned to Oban, visiting Laggan along the way, and the fascinating inland waters of the Caledonian Canal continued to surprise and amaze. Neptune’s Staircase was a highlight. Set in the shadow of Ben Nevis, Britain’s Tallest Mountain, Neptune’s Staircase saw the Lord of the Glens ship raised by 19 metres, through eight locks, an amazing feat of engineering and a bit of skill from our Captain, Tony.

Our voyage ended with a special invitation to the Captain’s Farewell Party, where Captain Tony shared the evening with all of the guests, enjoying traditional Haggis and a live Bagpipe performance.

Between the delicious gourmet food, which truly did not disappoint at every meal time – personally I love fish, and there was more than plenty to choose from throughout the tour – exceptional service, taking in the incredible scenery and visiting interesting and historical places, this was a tour I will never forget.

I did not expect to be transported to a different world, especially staying in the UK, but cruising along the Caledonian Canal allows you to experience the magic that Scotland has to offer.

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