Why Escorted Tours are great for Solo Travellers

01 Aug 2016 Jules Verne
Couple sitting on bench overlooking mountains

Travel solo as part of an escorted tour

Planning a holiday alone can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you haven’t travelled solo much in the past. Travelling as part of an escorted tour is a great idea no matter how large your party is, but there are particular benefits for solo travellers. It’s the reason we offer no-single supplement on so many of our tours, meaning when travelling on your own you will not be charged for a single room. If you’re thinking about booking an escorted tour for your next solo trip, here are 5 benefits for you to consider.  


  1. Meeting new people

Travelling solo with VJV means travelling with new friends. You’ll still get moments of solitude, but you’ll also meet our lovely clients and colleagues. Their warm and affable company is the perfect antidote to the loneliness travelling solo can bring. The VJV guides are hand-picked across all our tours, and our clients tend to be like-minded individuals who want to learn about the history and culture of your destination. There are so many stories of people meeting life-long friends on Jules Verne trips.


  1. Extra experiences

Travelling alone sometimes means you miss out on some of the wonders of your destination, either because they’re hard to find or you feel uncomfortable going alone. The local guides who lead each of our tours can introduce you to all the hidden gems in that area. A dinner at a camp on the outskirts of Petra with traditional baking and cooking, tasting fine wines in the home of your tour host in Italy – travelling on an escorted tour opens up experiences otherwise inaccessible to a solo traveller.


  1. Overcome barriers

When you don’t know the language or culture, travelling alone can seem particularly isolating. Our local guides are fluent in both English and the local language, so they can translate as you travel. Local guides can also help you negotiate the finer details of the local culture, such as tipping and dress codes.


  1. Convenience

When you travel, you want to lose yourself in the culture and ambience of the destination, not in the logistics of navigation. Escorted tours removes the organisational stress that comes with solo travel. We can take care of the logistical details – planning local transport, booking hotels, customising itineraries – so you can spend more time exploring.


  1. Peace of mind

The thought of someone travelling alone can also be difficult for loved ones, particularly when travelling to countries in different time zones and with limited internet access. Travelling with a group can have a huge impact on not only your peace of mind, but also that of family and friends. Your loved ones don’t have to worry – someone will notice if you’re about to miss the transport to your next destination and someone will make sure you get proper help if you’re ill.